history of sudan

  • Period: to

    begining of Sudan

    Sudan is divided into two zones by the Bahr-al-Arab and Bahr-al-Ghazal rivers. Followers of Islam in the north and of Christianity/traditional religions in the south. This causes many conflicts because of religious and cultural differences
  • The British invade Sudan.

    the british come into to sudan and take over and they also help the north become a better place and let the south stay the same causing many conflicts. the main reason the british were even there was for the resources they had
  • Sudan is governed by British-Egyptian rule

    meaning when the british came and took over they set up sudan like them with a WAY better goernment but this causes more conflict in the future
  • Period: to

    british come in to Sudan

    the british started a "pacification" campagin in southern sudan ans the nuba mountains. The british bombed people who didnt think they were their saviors but a new wave of invaders.
  • closed districts ordinances

    these series of laws place tight controls on access to the south and after the "pacification" were now known to need protection
  • southern policy

    this policy was abandoned after the Juba conference. When southern chiefs agreed with northern nationalists to pursue a united sudan
  • Sudan Independence

    Sudan gained their independence on January 1, 1956 when the british left but everything stayed the same, the north was still the best and south was having trouble. This started many civil wars that cause many deaths among citizens.
  • civil war breaks out

    The civil war breaks out in the southern parts of Sudan
  • US attack on Sudan

    USA launches a missile attack on a chemical plant in Khartoum assumed to develop chemical weapons possibly in coorporation with the Al'Qaeeda terror network. Civilians are killed in the attack. The Sudanese government denies any link to terror and chemical weapons.
  • Islamic Sharia law

    Numieri introduces the Islamic Sharia law to Sudan leading to a new breakout of the civil war in the Christian south. In the south the forces are led by the Sudan People's Liberation Movement under command by John Garang.