History and Me

  • My Birth

    I was 15 days late! I also had Jaundice and was put under a light for a while until it went away. I was born at Illinois Masonic in Lincoln Park.
  • My First Trip to New York

    We went to visit my other nona in New York for she had not seen me yet. As a joke, my mom and dad put me on the step, rang the doorbell and hid and as my nona opened the door she freaked out!
  • My Baptism

    I was baptized at Imaculate Conception Church in Chicago. I didn't cry at all.
  • Moving to the Apartment

    We moved to an apartment in chicago near Ohare that my great grandfather owned. We only stayed for a year.
  • Moving Out

    After my mother and father had seperated, I moved with her to live with my grandparents while I visited my father.
  • 911 terrorist attack

    I was still living with my mom and dad in the apartment when it happened. My dad woke my mother up and told her we were under attack after the Pentagon was hit. I vagley remember things about the morning.
  • School

    Went to Jolly Fun House (JFH).
  • Back to Chicago

    My mother and I moved into a small building and lived in the middle floor for a few years. It took a while to get to school in the morning.
  • Elementary school

    My father had bougtha house in Park Ridge and I now attend Washington. Miss Matchin is my 1st grade teacher.
  • Virginia Tech shooting

    The deadliest single man shooting spree in United States history happened by a troubled student who took the lives of 32 students out of anger.
  • First Holy Comunion

    My first comunion. almost a year after my first brother was born.
  • First Roller Coaster

    My first roller coaster in Great America was the Wizard then later the American Eagle.
  • The Apple Takeover

    My generation and I have been pioneers of new technology when the 1st iphone came out 6 years ago. Its the most popular phone in the U.S, Canada, and Japan. Also all those mac books and ipods.
  • The Dark Knight

    The Christopher Nolan block buster that became a trilogy came out and was one of the best movies of that year and argued to be the best Batman ever made.
  • Stock Crashes

    This stock market downturn was pretty bad. Many lost jobs and 2 months later Obama was sworn onto office so he had to help fix it.
  • Barack Obama's inaugauration

    A very big moment in history happend that day when Barack Obama became the President of the united states. The first AfricanAmerican in office. He was relected again for another four years.
  • Beiber Fever

    All though this isnt my favorite topic... Justin Beiber became an international overnight popstar who became the teenage heart throb of the generation after being discovered on youtube.
  • Middle School

    Lincoln Middle school.Not so different at first than elementary its okay, nice teachers. Progressing homework.
  • The Boston Bombing

    A completely unexpected act of terrorism that killed some and injured many during a marathon in Boston.The news broke through while I was watching a show on T.V.
  • High School

    Maine South. Its okay lotta homewotk though....