History 2

  • Period: to


    Coming from the petty nobility of northern France, he became a lawyer and frequented the literary and philosophical circles of his city in the 1780s; His writings from that time show the influence of democratic ideas
  • Represent the Third Estate of Artois

    Robespierre became a defender of the most advanced liberal and democratic ideas
  • The start of the french revolution

    It was a social and political conflict, with various periods of violence, that convulsed France and, by extension of its implications, other European nations
  • Passion of Robespierre

    When the Estates General met in Versailles, he was a supporter of Rousseau's ideas
  • Disloyalty of the king to the Constitution

  • Constituent Assembly

    gave about 150 speeches
  • Mars field

    is a vast, fully open public garden located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, between the Eiffel Tower, to the north-west, and the Military School
  • Period: to

    revolution inside the revolution

    Made Robespierre to power, he was the first as a member of the revolutionary Commune which held local power
  • Period: to

    War of France against Austria

    Since France was not prepared for a conflict of this magnitude. She was part of the National Convention, which was elected by universal suffrage
  • Executive power

  • Robespierre joined the Committee of Public Safety

  • Physically eliminated the far left

  • Battle of Fleurus

    It was one of the most decisive battles in the Netherlands during the French Revolutionary Wars