• last name

    My family last name González is a originated from Spain it is the second most common surname after garcia wich is also my family name.
  • great great granpa story

    my great great granpa was born in san buenaventura mexico chihuahua. he was a police officer wich was a really small town he own many lands
  • name came from

    My name came from my great great gandpa whos name was felipe but that was from my dad dad family then some how one year later my dad mom dad was name felipe two after that that was when my granpa was born then he had my dad felipe after his grandpa Felipe so then my dad had me so my dad name me felipe so i gues i am felipe the 3 or the 4 and my name originated from spain i also think some thing cool the one of the spain king were named so i guess my name been for along time
  • mom family

    My mom dad he part of a culture that it is apache they are Apache Indians came from the Alaskan region, Canada, and American Southwest.
  • second last name

    There is not much nothing to tell the only thing is that barela came from spain and portugal