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Hillary Trejo- My Life

  • My Birth

    On the day of March 14, 1996 at about 9:32 am on a lovely spring morning, I was brought into this world.
  • The Almost Passing

    Around 1998, my mother had to get a valve replaced in her heart. She tragically almost passed away, and she practically did for 10 seconds. I was just 3 years old and I had no clue what was going on. A miracle occured by her coming back to life.
  • I Traveled Over Europe!

    When I was about 3 years old, I traveled to many countries in Europe with my family for about 2 weeks. I visited many countries and I don't remember anything but I bet I had a great time!
  • Met the Internet!

    The internet is honestly the love of my life, it actually sounds creepy but it actually is a great resource. I have used the internet since I was 5 years old! I still have the email my brother created for me when I was 5 years old. The internet has never failed me since I get to use it for homework and mainly for fangirling!
  • My Bestfriend Moved

    At the end of 7th grade, my bestfriend, Aster had to move to Florida with her aunt due to her mother having economic problems. From that they we were in sorrow due to our long distance.
  • Meeting My Idols

    Meeting My Idols
    This day of June 7th, 2010 is considered the best day of my life because I met my idols and my loves, the Jonas Brothers. It was such a magnificent day and from the meet and greet I attended their concert. I managed to get a meet and greet pass because I am part of their official fanclub, Team Jonas, in which I entered a contest to win meet and greet passes, and when I had recieved the email 3 days before the concert I literally screamed and was extremely happy.
  • Nailed Audition!

    I auditioned to an acting school, and I had to act. A week later I recieved a call back and was accepted.
  • Ace!

    I used to play volleyball, and on a game I served a full set making it an ace! I was unstoppable and everyone feared me.
  • Got the Role!

    I auditioned for the play, "Three Murderers and It's Only Monday" and I was able to get the role of the female protagonist in which I was the murderer.
  • Saw Real Madrid for the First Time!

    Saw Real Madrid for the First Time!
    My favorite football club is Real Madrid. And in July 2011, I attended their match against L.A. Galaxy and their victoriously won 4-1. It was such a great night! UPDATE On August 2nd, 2012 I attended their match against L.A. Galaxy and they won again!
  • My Sister's Daughter was Born!

    My Sister's Daughter was Born!
    I have 2 nieces but on the day of Sep. 5, 2011, my third niece was born but this time the first daughter of my only sister. My other nieces are my 2 older brothers' daughters. It was such a great day since my sister had lost her baby the past year from that, but bringing my lovely niece, Isabella into this world was wonderful!