High/Low points of Life

  • Birthday

    Born in Phoenix Arizona
  • Parents Divorce

    My parents divorced when I was six and it geavily affected me and my two brothers drastically. Mom was now a single mother with a teaching job.
  • Dad Moves

    Dad moves to New Jersey where his side of the family lives; 9/11 happens
  • Moved Houses

    First time moving houses and we move in with my moms new boyfriend.
  • Started High School

    Started high school right after moving. Big shift , mom was excited and nervous for me!
  • First Job

    I got my first job as a hostess at a sports grill. It was a very busy job but the parents were proud I was making my own money.
  • Totaled Car

    Totaled my first car after only having it for a few months. I had other passengers in the car so my mom was in a panic and it just happened to be a weekend that my dad was in town.
  • Graduated High School

    The whole family was very proud of me and all my accomplishments throughout high school and excited that I was staying close and going to ASU
  • Started College

    I start My freshman year at ASU. With the ecomony still recovering i realized how much college really costs and to be wise when spending. Parents moved me into my dorm and things got a little emotional.
  • Joined Alpha Chi Omega

    Made the best decision ever to rush a sorority. I fell in love with it and found so many life long friends. My mom was excited about it but worries about the cost with already having to pay for college.
  • Changed Major

    Found out ealry in the semester that Business was not what I wanted to be doing. I figured out I wanted to be a teacher and eventually a principal so I changed my major to early childhood education/ special education. My mom was very excited because she was a teacher, but my grandpa had wished I would have stayed with a career that would be more promising financial wise.