High and Low Points in my life

  • Birth

  • My sister Jessica was born

    I was no longer the baby of my family. My sisters life has been filled with us butting heads and fighting but overall she also lead me to realizing what I wanted to do when I grew up. She always got bad grades and I was stuck being her tutor but the satisfaction we both received when she did well on something I helped her with was rewarding.
  • First day of Kindergarden

    My first day of school and kindergarden where i made friends that I still talk to today. I had Mrs. Walters and I always remember telling my mom I wanted to be a teacher like Mrs Walters that whole school year.
  • the Falling of the Twin Towers

    Living on Long Island, this was a huge event for me and my family. We got sent home from school that day. My uncle is FDNY and was there that day and had to help clean up. Afterwards the city was shut down for a few weeks and basically all of our goods came from the city so we had shortages around the island until the city was back up again.
  • My Parents Seperation and later Divorce

    I don't know the exact date but I remember my parents telling me that they were getting a divorce and my dad was moving out and then my mom decided to sell our house and move to a different town. My parents forced my siblings and I to see a therapist and it was all a huge culture shock for us.
  • My Mom moving out of state

    My moms fiance had gotten a new job out of state and decided to leave New York and my mom and my family went with him. My brother and my sister went with my mom but I chose to stay with my dad because even when I was 11, I always knew I never wanted to live anywhere but New York. My mom was really upset I chose to stay with my dad but it wasn't because of her it was just the way I felt in the situation.
  • When I first really knew I wanted to be a teacher

    My 8th grade Social Studies teacher Ms Laino was one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever had. She was like a friend to me in the way that she helped me through a lot of personal problems but she taught me so many things through that as well. It helped that she was in her 20s so she seemed more like a big sister to me than a teacher but she made everything in that class so fun and enjoyable and I wanted to be just like her.
  • Fell in love

    Had my first real boyfriend Jordan and I fell in love. We dated for 8 months until he left for college. He was my best friend and taught me how to have a relationship with someone. In the end we were on two different paths and faught a lot and it ended pretty badly but were still friends to this day.
  • Graduated High School

    I finally graduated high school and had my last moment with all my high school friends and saw people that I may never see again. I was excited to start college and go to a different state and meet new people and go live with my mom in Arizona.
  • First Week of College

    I came to Arizona to start college at ASU and I made so many friends that week and remembered why I fell in love with the school.