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High 5 interview Assignment: My Personal Timeline

  • Birth

    I was born on December 11, 1995 in China
  • Went to Guilin for a vacation

    Went to Guilin for a vacation
    I went on this trip with only my grandmother and a close relative. This was the first time I didn't have my parents with me. I learned how much I needed my parents and how much they made me feel secure.
    I was crying a lot at night and my mother had actually dream of me calling her name. She had a phone call after the dream from my grandmother to say that we were heading home.
  • Moved to Canada

    My parents wanted to Canada so that my brother and I could have a better life. This transition was hard for me since I didn't know much or any of the lanugage spoken. But, I was really fortunate to have great teachers and friends help me along the way.
  • First grade

    First grade
    This was the first school, and also first yearI went to in Canada, I had a great experience here. My grade one teacher Mrs. Conway, was very nice to me.
  • Met my best friend

    Met my best friend
    My best friend is Sarah. We have been friends for almost 10 years. I met my best friend in Grade 1. She was also new to Canada. We immediately bonded. Our families also became close. Evenn though both of us live far away from each other, we still visit each other with sleepovers. She influences me a lot. She influences me to do good and to make good choices.
  • Got a medal

    My teacher had presented me with this medal for being courageous at a new school and new country.
  • Moved to NorthYork

    After living in Scarbrough for a year, my parents decided to move because of my mom's workplace. During the year 2002, my dad attended Centennial college, while also working. This was a big change in my life. My parents could not be home some of the time so I had to go to friend's houses until my dad or mom came home. I learned to take care of myself more.
  • Joined Girl Guides

    Joined Girl Guides
    When I started grade 2, my parents suggested to join Girl Guides to make friends and practice my english.
    When I first joined it, I had been a little nervous. I never attended an activity like this before. After a little while, I had really enjoyed this. I enjoyed the activites we did, camps we went to, and the cookie. My scout leader was very nice to me and I also made many new friends.
    This experience really helped me develop me as a person. I learned how to get along with other effectively.
  • My brother was born

    My brother was born
    My brother was born on February 22, 2004 in North York General Hospital. When he was born i was so happy that I was a big sister. This was a big transition for me. I was a only child and now I had a brother. After a few days, I was feeling jealously. My parents had been spending a lot of time wiht him. But, in a few months I got over the feeling. I believe he helped me grow up and do good in everything, so I can be a good role model to him.
  • Moved to Markham

    This was the third time I moved. I was already used to moving a lot due to my mom's work. On the first few days, my grade 5 teacher had asked some people to show me around the school and play wiht me at recess. Even though they were the first people I met, I later on met new friends who became close with me. They have been friends with me for almost 4 years and they have helped me with hard times. They have made me laugh and enjoy life.
  • Started Art Classes

    Started Art Classes
    I found a hobby I could enjoy. This really helped me relieve stress. I could draw whatever I wanted. I improved a lot in drawing. This gave me many advantages. In projects where art was required I did well, so my projects were very visually done.
  • Became a Canadian Citizen

    Became a Canadian Citizen
    This was an improtant moment in my life because I am now a Canadian Citizen. Even though I was not born in Canada, I feel proud to be a Canadian now.
  • Grade 6 Farewell

    Grade 6 Farewell
    My elementary school only went up to grade 6. Even though a lot of my friends was going to the same school as me after, some of us weren't. We were stepping into another stage of our life. We shared good times, and bad. Changing schools was a big transition. We don't know what we had in front of us. We didn't know many teacher or students there. But, we did have people supporting us like parents and friends who will help each other.
  • Got my first honor roll

    Got my first honor roll
    It was the first term in Grade 7. This made me feel sucessful and pushed me further to keep getting good marks so I can get honour roll. I felt proud of myself.
    Goal: My goal for this is to keep getting honour roll every year
  • Grade 8 Graduation

    Grade 8 Graduation
    Graduation was a happy moment. We were finally done elementary and moving on to high school. This for me was the biggest transition. We were making new friends and it was a big step for us.
  • Started flute class

    Started flute class
    I have been playing flute for almost 3 years. My parents wanted me to play at least one instrument in my life. They thought this would be an advantage for me later on for my university application or for my career.
    Goal: I hope to get better at flute so I can pass level 8.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    The transition from elementary to high school was hard for me. I was not adjusted to the teachers. In elementary, the teachers would help you a lot, but in high school, if you don't hand in your work, the teachers won't be much help. In elementary, our marks were not as significant as in high school. There was more pressure. I had a lot of trouble with geography and science since many of the stuff we learn in high school was different and more in depth than elementary school,
  • Volunteer at Roy H. Crosby

    Volunteer at Roy H. Crosby
    Over the mid-term break, I volunteered at my old elementary school. I believe that this volunteering experience will help me get more experience if I want to become a teacher. This will also benefit me when I find a job in this field.
  • Took my first RCM Examinations for Flute

    Took my first RCM Examinations for Flute
    This was my first RCM Examinations. I was very nervous. My parent's and friend's support really helped me feel less nervous.
    Goal: I want to do better on this exam next time. I wasn't as prepared the first time, but the second time, I will be more prepared so I can do better
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    My goals for before high school graduation is to get a lot of variety of volunteering experiences. It can help me get more involved with my community and be an advantage for university and job applications. Another goal is to get a part-time job.
    Some goals for after graduation is to get into a good university. The top university I want to be able to get in is Waterloo or Toronto. And sometime before or after university I want to travel around the world.