HHG4M1 - Human Growth Project "Who Am I" Timeline Assignment

Timeline created by rcps6a06
  • Welcome to my life. Birth

    Welcome to my life. Birth
    Which was the date that I came out from my mum's body.
    The reason why I was a Canadian because of my family had moved to Canada on the 90s and I was born in British Columbia.
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    1. Trust vs. Mistrust

    Within this year, most of the time I was getting warm care from my families, and I had chosen to believe what they taught me.
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    2. Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt

    After having the early "education" from my family, I had started to do what I want to do.
    And I thought that was part of the reason why "I am Constantine".
    Remembered my mom told me that, during this period, I liked to try this and that such as anything related to ball, and I also got the talent to swim once I jumped into the pool.
    Those actions shaped me to be a basketball player and a swimmer in the high school period.
  • Returning

    When I was 1.5 year old, my family had decided to move back to HK, where I had spent most of the time of my life.
    Also, I had finished my kindergarten, elementary school and early high school education in this period.
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    3. Initiative vs. Guilt

    In this period, mostly referring to the kindergarten educational period, which also knows as "pre-school" period.
    At the mean time, I tried to do something new while at school or at home, since I thought I was mature enough to handle things by myself. But my experience told me that, "I am not" and most of the time I was feeling guilty because of did things wrong.
  • Kindergarten Graduation

    Kindergarten Graduation
    3 years after, I had finished my first educational period.
    It was one of my great milestone so far in my life, it captured the time that I started to enter into a new stage of my life.
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    4. Industry vs. Inferiority

    Once I graduated from the kindergarten, I stepped into another stage of my life, which was the elementary school period.
    Throughout the period, I had tried my best to do the best on everything. Although nothing would happen as you wish, at least I felt proud of myself about something that I did in the time.
  • Best memory in elementary school

    Best memory in elementary school
    While I was studying in elementary school, the fifth year was the best year I had ever had in Raimondi College (Elementary Section).
    The woman who was standing on the right was my home teacher in that school year, and she was the one who taught me a lot of human principles.
    For sure that, teacher in this period did have a large role for us.
  • Raimondi College Basketball Team

    Raimondi College Basketball Team
    In late elementary school, I tried out for the basketball team and became part of it. From the picture as shown, those guys were my teammates, the juniors and the seniors.
  • Overall Champion

    Overall Champion
    Since our basketball team put a great effort on every matches, our school team made the overall championships.
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    5. Identity vs. Identity confusion

    After several years in elementary school, my mind had become more mature than before and I was able to think things in different ways.
    At the same time, I started to think about "Who am I",
    Based on the previous experiences that I gained through; they shaped me to become a basketball player and a swimmer.
    Furthermore, to figure out the true self of mine, I joined different clubs and organization to find out the one I supposed to be.
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    8. Integrity vs. Despair

    Once you could think critically, you would like to reflect the things that you did so far.
    Therefore, before the day that I will be dead, I think I will keeping on reflecting my whole life and may also feeling despair because of something that I did wrong in the past.
  • YoungWave Volunteer Organization

    YoungWave Volunteer Organization
    This is one of my joined organizations outside of school.
    Throughout the summer, new comers had been divided into groups and each of the group got an aim for planning a one-day service for different targets like the seniors, children, etc.
    Besides helping the others, I got a lot useful skills from this organization like leadership, team working.
  • Overseas Studying

    Overseas Studying
    While I was in junior high, my older brother decided to study in the USA. He had chosen to get into Deanza College for first 2 years and then transferred to universities. After finishing the college education, he got offered from the UC Berkeley.
  • My last basketball match in Raimondi College

    My last basketball match in Raimondi College
    This image was my last basketball match in my early high school period.
    It was captured after a tournament against another school.
    On that time, I was the vice - captain of the team, and the one who sat on my right hand side was my best friend, also the captain of the team.
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    6. Intimacy vs. Isolation

    Although this stage should be located at "early adulthood" period, but it is so hard for me to find out another half in my future.
    Thus I put it in my early high school period because I found an intimacy partner when I was studying, also known as my first love. Half year later we broke up.
    At that time, I felt like I was being isolated by everyone. Luckily, I got a whole bunch of best friends who stood beside me during the isolated period.
  • Overseas studying

    Overseas studying
    Once my brother had left his alma mater, I was being influenced by his action and chose to do the same thing.
    But I had chosen to back to my home town, Canada for continuing my high school period.
    People in the picture are my best friends in Raimondi College, forever.
  • Richmond Green Secondary School

    Richmond Green Secondary School
    Ricmond Green Secondary School.
    Where Tomorrow Begins!
    Go Rattlers!

    Every best moment must be captured down.
    I had joined a teenage group from the church that I went on.
    Our group had assigned a performance for the yearly variety show of the church in the Markham Theatre.
    After the successful show, we gathered around and had a photo for memory.
  • Pre- birthday dinner

    Pre- birthday dinner
    Although my birthday was on the beginning second semester last year, me and my friends had decided to hold a pre- birthday dinner on the 30th January.
    Everyone in the photo was my friends that I had made in Canada.
  • What time is it? Is summer time

    What time is it? Is summer time
    Time flies, one year had gone.
    Before heading backed to Hong Kong, I went to California to visit my brother and his friends.
    After staying for a week, we went back to HK to spend our whole summer while my family.
  • Grade 5 Re-union

    Grade 5 Re-union
    7 years after, the grade fivers and became for mature.
    The only thing that had not change was, we were still friends.
    It shows that we were happy to meet each other again.
    Some of us went to overseas studying like me; some of us went to different schools.
    Whatever, 1-2-3, SMILE!
  • Grade 12 in RGSS

    Grade 12 in RGSS
    Nothing works as you want.
    After 2 months of vocation, I went back to Canada for continuing my high school education.
    Which also the last year of high school, Grade 12
    Once it is gone, I will be completed another meaningful stage of my life.
    Of course, no- one knows what it would be after.
  • Graduation Ceremony

    Graduation Ceremony
    2 years is not a far or short time period, but everything gets its own time.
    On that day, I will step up to the stage and walk out from the main door of RGSS.
    Afterwards, it will be a brand new page of my life, universities.
    For advanced education, I have planned to get into programs about social working or family studies in York or Ryerson.
  • Period: to

    Universities Study

    In the years of 2012 to 2017, I am completing my university education.
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    7. Generatively vs. Stagnation

    After graduated from the university, I will apply jobs that related to the program that I had studied before.
    Basically, the jobs probably helping and guiding the teens on planning their future life, like the guidance counselor in our school.
  • Future

    No- one knows what would happen in the future, same to me that I cannot think or figure out what would the world be after several years.
    So, just enjoy the life that I can predict instead of thinking too much future.