Hey you (Pink floyd)

Timeline created by Markus Jayden Keppler
  • A horse with no name (America)

    A horse with no name (America)
    I was born in Armenia, Quindio. In a hospital in the North of the city. My mother was a teacher. Now She is a director in the Sena Regional Quindio. My father was a environmental technician. Now He is retired.
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    Time of your life (Green day)

    I lived in a house with my mother, my grandmother, my uncles and aunts. After, my mother and me lived in an apartament. I studied in a private college and I always had few friends.
  • Another brick in the wall (Pink floyd)

    Another brick in the wall (Pink floyd)
    When I was 12 years old, I wasn't sure about my life in the future. My parents tried to help me. They made so many test on me. I was good at math.
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    Flourescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys)

    I studied so much. Then, I had to distract my self: I learned to play the guitar. I read books about mithology and terror. I listened rock and punk music. I leaned to swin in the pool. And also I liked watch the movies in the cinema with my friends.
  • Money (Pink floyd)

    Money (Pink floyd)
    When I graduated from the school, I studied engineer. I chosen this career because i was good in math and my parents thought that the best opcion. I thought that anyone career was useful.
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    Like a rolling stone (Bob Dylan)

    I lived in Bogotá with my cousins. In the beginning, I was happy to life in a big city. But in the university, I wasn't able to learn and focus. I was very boring and sad in classroom.
  • The times they are a-changin' (Bob Dylan)

    The times they are a-changin' (Bob Dylan)
    After of many years engineer study. I had to leave the career and I thought in my happiness and my future. The literature made happy myself but for many people wasn't the best career. My parents wanted that a I had at least one diploma.
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    There is a light that never goes out (The smiths)

    I decided study literature because the books and libraries was my favorite part of Bogotá. It was hard in the beginning, but with the time I was very excited for the class and the books that i had to read.
  • Come as you are (Nirvana)

    Come as you are (Nirvana)
    Now, I am in peace with my decision. I love my career and I wish learn much and help my country with my knowledge.