Hero Timeline

  • Subway Hero

    We were introduced to the hero project and shown an example of an ordinary citizen who became a hero by risking his life to save a man who had fallen on railroad tracks.
  • Roy Benavides

    A passage from John McCain's book was read about a war hero who risked his life to save others under enemy fire.
  • Kristi Quillen

    A video link was set up and we were given the cahnce to hear about a person who had given up her life to join the peace core and help others.
  • Hero's Journey Assingment

    We were given details on what we would be doing the next few weeks in researching and writing a paper on our hero.
  • Choosing My Hero

    I discovered the name Edmund G. Ross in my speech textbook and researched him. He fit my ideals of a hero and I decided I would do my project on him.
  • Research

    We went to the library to find a biography of our hero. I found a book entitled profiles in courage that had a story about my hero.
  • Heroes in Literature

    We reviewed some of the books we read and discussed the heroes both in the book and the courage fo the authors to write the books.
  • Change the World

    We were shown a powerpoint and discussed many ways to look at who is a hero. This helped define a hero for me and understand a deeper meaning for the word hero.
  • First Blog Post

    We wrote a paper on how we choose our hero including how we heard about them and what we intially thought made them a hero.
  • Another Book

    I found another book on Edmund G. Ross, this one much longer and detailed.
  • 2nd Blog Post

    We wrote a paper on our childhood heroes and also on the heroes in literature including our thoughts on what made them a hero.
  • First Chapter Friday

    We each shared a small section from our book that highlighted our hero's accomplishments.