Hero Project

  • Subway Hero, Hero Freewrite

    The first day of the hero project, I wrote that a hero was "anyone who selflessly gave themselves for a person or a cause". My definition has more or less stayed the same since that first day of thinking about the true definition of heroism.
  • Roy Benavides Story

    Listening to Roy Benavides' story made me realize how much courage an act of heroism can require. My respect for those men and women fighting for our country skyrocketed after hearing his truly inspirational story.
  • Kristi Quillen

    I wouldn't exactly classify Kristi Quillen as a hero, but her story is incredibly inspirational. She gave up all the luxuries we take for granted in the United States to help children grow and learn in a foreign country. I would like to say that I would be capable of making such a sacrifice, but I'm not sure I would be able to.
  • Heroes in Literature

    This assignment was very interesting, because I had never thought of authors as heroes before, but I learned that writing about controversial issues such as racism can take a massive amount of courage.
  • Decided On My Hero

    Decided On My Hero
    At first, I was struggling with thinking of a hero, but after doodling a famous Martha Graham quote on the bottom of my math homework, it clicked-- Martha Graham was my hero.
  • Period: to

    Change the World Powerpoint

    This powerpoint illustrated all the different ways people define the word "hero". Working with friends and discussing our opinions also helped me solidify my viewpoint.
  • First Blog Post- How I Chose My Hero

    This was a crucial point in the project-- when we started using technology. Getting used to a new website was confusing at first, but it wasn't a huge problem. The assignment was relatively easy, and I enjoyed writing about my thought process. Click Here For My Post
  • Heroes in Literature Essay

    This was the first papaer I've ever written for school that wasn't painful to write and proofread! I enjoy writing without boundaries and this assaignment was perfect for me! Click Here For My Essay
  • Chose Who To Interview

    I knew I wanted to interview a dance teacher for the project, but I have 7 different dance teachers. I managed to narrow the list down to the 3 teachers who inspire me the most. I eventually decided to interview Ms. Deci, my dance teacher at school.
  • Talked To My Parents About Heroism

    At the dinner table, I asked my parents what they thought defined a hero. They suggested some adjectives: "loyal", "brave", and "compassionate", but they never gave a real answer, This taught me how loosely the word "hero" is used today and how people's personal definitions of the word are not very clear at all.
  • Interview with Ms. Deci

    Interviewing Ms. Deci was really educational. I have wanted to teach dance since my 6th grade year, and hearing her story and how she got to where she is today inspired me. She showed me that my dreams aren't out of reach!