Henry Xu's Timeline

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  • First Birthday

    I was born
  • My sister was born

    After she knew how to talk, she had been competition and an ally to me on my path to success
  • I traveled back to China

    My parents sent me back to China to learn chinese so I get more opportunities in my career.
  • Enrolled in chinese public school

    The years in chinese public schools had been a great experience because the competitive and hard working environment of life became real to me
  • First day in an International School

    I quited chinese public school and went to a private, all american, international school. It gave me many opportunities to meet people from all around the world. It will create more opportunities in my career path
  • Entering middle school

    Middle school was way more competitve and the work load increased a lot. It had an impact on my life because I knew that nothing was really that easy.
  • Became the president of Student Council

    I've always wanted to take on a leadership role in my career. I want to become a lawyer, So this was a milestone to my life
  • Leaving China

    We left China because we figured out that it's easier to apply to Universities in Canada from Canada than to apply from an American based school in China
  • First day in Markville SS

    First day in highschool, it felt a lot different
  • Signed up for \Model United Nations

    This club deals with world issues and polictics and that's the area I want to work for in the future
  • First day of Christopher Leadership Course

    This course had been many people;s, including a manager in IBM, first step towards their success. I hope I will benefit from it.
  • Run for SAC

    I want to run for a position in SAC, and if i got it, it will be another milestone of my life because it's the third time I have position in student council and improving my leadership skills
  • That's approximately the first day of grade 11

    I should try to do my best to get the highest mark possible to apply for a good university or college
  • Almost time to apply for University

    I would like to go to University of Toronto, or if I can get in the Ivy Leagues, I will go to the US
  • University

    A major in business and a minor in psychology
  • Apply for law school

    i want to become a lawyer in the future but I can only enroll law school after college
  • Period: to

    LIfe Course