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  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born in Illinois at 8 at night. I was born in Condell hospital.
  • Moved to Florida

    Moved to Florida
    We moved to Florida with my grandparents when I was 3. It was also my first plane ride.
  • Spring Break Cruise

    Spring Break Cruise
    I went on a crusie with my grandparents and siter for a week. We went to Puerto Rico, St. Marteen, St. Thomas and the Bahamas.
  • Dad Died

    Dad Died
    I was in Illinois and my dad died. I didnt find out until 4 days later and it was a hard day.
  • Uncle Died

    Uncle Died
    My Uncle died in Bartow. No one knew where he was until we found out he died,
  • Met my Best Friend

    Met my Best Friend
    Haley Massung and Me became best friends because we started talking in math class in 8th grade and have been friends siince then,
  • First Hockey Game

    First Hockey Game
    My Uncle decieded to take us to a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. It was my first game and I loved the sport and all the fighting so he bought me season tickets to the Lightning.
  • Got my frist dog

    Got my frist dog
    I got my first dog and it is a Husky. Her name is Jordan and she is crazy and very hyper. She is black and white with one baby blue eye and a brown and blue eye.
  • Day I met all the Lightning Players

    Day I met all the Lightning Players
    Since we have season tickets we got to go to the Forum and have a meet and greet with the players and get their autographs.
  • Uncles Wedding In Illinois

    Uncles Wedding In Illinois
    My Uncle got married in the John Hancock building on the 94th floor. I met family that I barely knew and we went to Wrigley field for a Cubs game before the wedding.
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