Haley Osborne Period 5

By Haley O
  • My birthday

    I was born in Lakeland.
  • Period: to

    Haley Osborne Period 5

  • My brother was born

    My brother was born. Yay?
  • My first concert

    My first concert was a Raven Symone concert.
  • Got my horse!

    I got my horse Desiree, she was my first pet ever that was mine, she was the best horse ever! I love her so much!
  • My Great grandmother died

    I was 12 when she died, it was really sad.
  • I bought my cat!

    For my 13th birthday I really wanted a cat so my mom drove me to the SPCA and I bought my own cat with my own money. Her name is Diva and she sure acts like it too.
  • We had to put my dog down!

    We had to put my doggie down. D= She was my favorite dog, we had her ever since I was 3, she was so sweet and protective, R.I.P. Cherokee.
  • Hey Monday/MaydayParade/Artist Vs Poet concert

    I went to a Hey Monday and Mayday Parade concert with my friend Shannon.
  • My first painting

    I was in a summer art program and painted.
  • I lost my iPod.

    I lost my baby.. =( It was the last day of school, I was on the bus and I realized when I got off that my iPod was not in my pocket. I cried, I was so sad, that's why I call my iPod my baby. I could lose my phone and not even care, but I can't go anywhere without my baby.