Haleigh Hart Pd.8

  • Day I was born!

    Day I was born!
    I was born in Lakeland Regional at 12:02 and I weighted 5lbs 10oz! :)
  • Period: to

    Haleigh Hart

  • School change

    School change
    I changed my schools from Blake Academy to Kathleen Elementary! I went to Kathleen from 1st grade to 3rd grade!
  • 1st fish

    1st fish
    It was during the summer of 08 and I went deepsea fish with my dad on our boat! When we got to were we going i casted my line and 10 minutes later i got a bit so i started to reel and it took my bait so i tryed again and the 2nd time I caught a 2 lbs bass I was so excited! :)
  • 1st cell phone! :)

    1st cell phone! :)
    I got my 1st cell phone for my b-day
  • Aunt Died

    Aunt Died
    My Aunt Karen died of Pneumonia :(
  • Pasted out

    Pasted out
    I pasted out due to dehydration i droped my pencile and i came back up and i hit my elbow on the bar and then i fell out of the bar stool and on to the wood floor!! :(
  • My little cousin was born

    My little cousin was born
    My little cousin Kaiden was born at 6lbs 6oz at 11:56 pm! At Lakeland Regional! :)
  • Catught my 1st lobster

    Catught my 1st lobster
    We go to the keys every year for a vacation to go lobstering and i caught my first lobster.
  • First time see SNOW!! :)

    First time see SNOW!! :)
    It was just last year when we took a trip up to North Caolina for X-mas we intended on seeing snow and on out drive up there it started snowing and i was freaking out i got out of the car at a red light and started playing in the snow the people behind us was honking htere horns at us and my mo was like hey stop that this is my daughters first time seeing snow...chill!
  • Busted my heaf open got stiches

    Busted my heaf open got stiches
    I had to 23 stiches in my head becasue I was roller blading at night and I fell and busted my head open on a trailer tailight and i got paint on mu skull from the trailer. I was taken to the E.R. right away