Growth and Development Post Timeline

  • Born Richmond, Virgina

  • My sister was born

    Even though I was only 5 at this point in my life, I realized that I had a lot of responsibilty. I needed to be a positive role model, since she will be looking up to me.
  • Inspiration to become a teacher

    This moment was the first time I wanted to become a teacher. The enviroment of the classroom, and the bubbly attitude of my second grade teacher inspired me to have the same attitude and enviroment in my classroom.
  • My family and I moved to Lugoff, South Carolina

    This time in my life was hard for me. I started a new school in the second grade, where as everyone had already made friends. I felt like I had an imarginary audience when I would walk through the hallways. It was very tough but after I made friends it became a lot easier transition.
  • Career Change

    I became really interested in the show Animal Cops, which gave me the interest in rescuing helpless animals. During the summer my family took me to Sea World and I became interest in marine life as well. But looking back I was always ment to "help" someone or something, whether it was teaching or helping animals.
  • The passing of my last grandparent

    The passing of my grandparents was very tough for me because I was either really close to some of them or I barely knew the others. However, when they passed I took their presences for granted. This moment made me realize to live life to the fullest in the since that I should leave a legacy such as they did.
  • Joined Volleyball Club

    I've always played sports whether it was soccer, basketball, softball, or tennis, I still wanted to play more. I was too young to play in middle school so I decided to play on a club team. It really got me interested in it and at this moment I knew volleyball was going to be my sport.
  • First School Team

    This was the first time I made a school team. I made the Lugoff-Elgin Middle School Volleyball team. Being on a school team was hard, if I wasn't good enough I sat on the side lines. This never really matter to me in club or receration sports because I didn't have my fellow classmates watching me.
  • Teaching is My Profession

    In 7th grade I knew I wanted to become a teacher. My english teacher's teaching style was so unique that she inspired me to teach the same way as her. She is very creative and didn't teach out of the book like most teachers. She was different which made students want to learn.
  • My sister was diagnosed with learning disabilities

    In 2009 my sister was diagnosed with dyslexia and poor reading comprehension. I sat there night after night helping her with her homework because she couldn't learn some of the basic math. At this point I learned patients when it came to helping and teaching others.
  • That I am more important than I lead myself on to believe

    This day I had a very bad break up with not the nicest man in the world. I went through alot of physical and mental abuse that I started to believe I deserved it. However, I had the guts to break up with him and it gave me a better positive outlook on myself.
  • Teacher Cadet

    My senior year I enrolled in a class called Teacher Cadet. At this moment I knew that I wanted to study to become a teacher. Being in this classroom I found that teaching isn't all about standing infront of a class and talking to children all day. Its about countless hours of planning, grading, and above all learning as well. Even though it is a lot of hard work, I still want to become a teacher.
  • Recieved a volleyball scholarship

    When I graduated from Lugoff-Elgin High School I received a volleyball scholarship. I am the first one in my family to attend a 4 year college let alone become a student athlete. My parents were very proud of my hard work which ment a lot to me.
  • Over came an obstacle

    For my first season of volleyball here at Columbia College, I knew I wouldn't get a starting position. I believed that I wasn't the strongest, the fasted, or the best passer on the team. So I took my seat on the sideline. Lucky for me, Coach saw something in me that I didn't and gave me a chance to play in the conference tournament were I played against our rival team. There I lead our team to victory with aces. It was an amazing game and because of that I'm not going to sell myself short again.
  • Hard work pays off

    This day was our athletic banquet, where they gave awards to the most improved and a coaches award. I was the one on my team to receive a most improved award that I have been working for all year long. My hard work showed in the gym, on the court, and in the classroom. I learned that I can go far with alittle inspiration and hard work.