Grant Johnson: Personal Timeline

Timeline created by grantjohnson13
  • Being Born

    Grant being born.
  • Preschool

    My very first day of school ever.
  • Florida

    I was 4 when i took my first florida trip!
  • Kindergarten

    My first day of kindergarten or elementary school.
  • Bahamas

    My first trip to Nassau, Bahamas
  • The day I became an Uncle

    My nephew was born
  • My First Time at Cedar Point

    My First Time at Cedar Point
    my very first time i have rode a roller coaster
  • Middle school

    My first day of middle school at Richards
  • Bahamas trip 2

    Bahamas trip 2
    This trip to the Bahamas i am able to remember and take mental pictures!
  • First Day of High school

    First Day of High school
    my very first day at fraser high school