All About Me

Timeline created by kaarennh
  • When I Was Born

    i was born on august 24, 2003 my parents named me Karen. i was the last of five children, i weighed five pounds and eleven ounces.
  • Going to the fair

    every time there was a fair i would always go with my friends and siblings. it was very fun because we would mostly get on all rides.
  • Moving Houses

    i was mad / sad when my mom told me and my siblings that we were moving houses i was mad because i did not want to move and mad because i was gonna go to a different school.
  • Graduating From Intermediate

    I was 13 years old when i graduated from intermediate. I was kinda happy / sad at the same time because i really liked my intermediate school. Also because i was entering high school and because i was not able to see all my friends because we all go to different high schools.
  • First time going to big bear

    it was my first time going to big bear with all my family . it was very fun because we got to play with snow.