Grace's timetable

By grob1
  • Antonina Gambino is born in Parco, Palermo, Sicily

    Antonina Gambino is born in Parco, Palermo, Sicily
    My Great Great Grandmother, Antonina Gambino is born in Sicily
  • Emigration to the US

    Emigration to the US
    Antonina Gambino left home at age 17 (she was already married) and sailed on the SS Liguria from Palermo, Sicily to New Orleans, USA.
  • My Great Grandmother is born

    My Great Grandmother, Mary Gambino is born in Alabama.
  • My Grandmother is born

    My Grandmother, Kathy Henderson, is born in Detroit, Michigan
  • My mom is born

    My mom Anna is born in Battle Creek, Michigan.
  • My dad is born

    My dad Jason is born in Detroit, Michigan.
  • My parents get married

    My parents get married
    Anna Rotondo marries Jason Robinson in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • I am born!

    I am born!
    I was born on July 23, 1999 at Scottsdale Healthcare-Shea. I was 4 weeks premature and weighed 5lbs. 4oz.
  • My brother is born!

    My brother is born!
    My little brother Robbie is born at Scottsdale Healthcare-Shea.
  • First time on an airplane.

    I flew on airplane with my parents and my brother for the first time. We flew to Chicago, IL to visit my grandparents.
  • I start Kindergarten

    My first day of Kindergarten at Chaparral Christian School.
  • Trip to Las Vegas

    Trip to Las Vegas
    My parents surprised my brother and I with a trip to Las Vegas for my birthday. We stayed at the Luxor hotel.
  • Started competitve swimming

    Started competitve swimming
    My brother and I started competitive swimming by joining Scottsdale Aquatic Club. My favorited event is the 100 yd. backstroke.
  • Got braces

    I got my braces put on and had the orthodontist put green and red bands on them (Christmas colors!).
  • Started Middle School

    I started 7th grade at Sunrise Middle School.