I was born in Ezeiza's Hospital in a sunny day of summer! I was the first child of my father and mother.
  • Period: to

    From the day I was born to current day

  • My home

    My home
    By the time I was born My family and I were living in my grandmother's house (my father's mom) in Llavallol. At first it would only be for a while, but it took a long time to move from there.
  • The Hormiguita Viajera Kindergarten, Llavallol.

    I had a wonderful time there although that was so long ago that I can hardly remember it.
  • The primary school time!

    The primary school time!
    I started the school in n°34 primary school in 2050 Pobladora St - Llavallol. I was there till third grade.
  • Time to move into another city

    Time to move into another city
    We left LLavallol and move into Monte Grande.
  • My New School.

    My New School.
    I started my fourth grade in a different city and in a different school. The school n° 16 Manuel Belgrano in Monte Grande.
  • English

    I told my parents that I was very interested to learn English, so we looked for a teacher and I started to learn English. Music was the trigger that impulse me to learn. I learnt not only a new language but another cultures, Geography, more about World History.
  • Primary school became past

    Primary school became past
    I finish the Primary School and prepeared my self for a big change...secondary school!!!
  • Secondary School time.

    Secondary School time.
    I started the secondary school in Colegio Alvear Monte Grande, was a whole new world for me but I survived! I really had a lot of fun there!
  • Secondary School was finished

    Secondary School was finished
    That was a shocking year, I had not decided what I was supposed to do with my life, which would be the following step. Most of my partners already knew what they would do but not me, I felt so confortable in my secondary school that I did not want to leave it.
  • I made up my mind

    I made up my mind
    I finally started the career that I wanted to do many time ago. I wanted to become an English Teacher so I started in I.S.F.D n° 41 but although a made my best effort to keep on studing and working I couldn't manage the time for both, so I gave up my career at the end of the same year.
  • The beginning of a relationship

    The beginning of a relationship
    That was the first day that I met Marcos ( My husband). We met by chance in a party that I had not been invited to. We had friends in common and our story started that day. it might had been destiny...
  • I left my family

    I left my family
    After four years of relationship we decided to make the great step, we moved in together in Luis Guillón.
  • I became mother.

    I became mother.
    That was the most special day of my whole life. Everything around me was so full of life that I definitly will never forget it.
  • I began my career all over again

    I began my career all over again
    Never is too late when you want to study as a consecuence I have re-started my career once more, but now in the I.S.F.D n°35 in Monte Grande.