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Getting a New Guitar

  • Period: to

    Estimated Time for Savings

  • Birthday

    My birthday is on February 13th, and I will likely recieve gifts including money. My intent is to put it with the rest of my savings in order to buy this guitar.
  • Start Working

    Start Working
    I begin working for my father's company as a general contractor in property preservation. My income for this company will be based upon what contracts I am given. I manage to save around 50% of my income.
  • Easter

    My parents, instead of getting me the tiny toys that my sister gets, I get cash for Easter. I don't get an overwhelming amount of cash, but I do get cash. I will put it all back in my savings.
  • Get More Hours at Work

    Get More Hours at Work
    Due to release from school, I am able to take more hours at work and make much more money. This is still based upon the number of contracts I am given, but, due to the increased hours I can work, I can get more contracts done.
  • Acquire my Driver's License

    Acquire my Driver's License
    Obviously, acquiring my driver's license is very important to my ability to complete contracts for my business. My father has mentioned buying a small pickup truck for me, with me making the payments on it to him. I have to cut down on my savings from work to help pay for the vehicle.
  • My Junior Year

    My Junior Year
    I begin my Junior year at Swansboro High School. Due to school consuming most of my time, I have to cut back on my hours working for Sweeton Property Preservation.
  • Christmas

    With Christmas rolling around, so do the gifts. Money is a common gift in my household, so I'll put back a vast majority of it, if not all of it, to buy this guitar.
  • Buy the New Guitar

    Buy the New Guitar
    By this time, I should at least be able to combine my birthday money with my savings to buy this guitar. Their prices range from around $500 to $4100, from what I've seen. As long as it's black, I don't really care.