French revolution- under Napoleons rule.

  • Estates General convened by king

    Estates General convened by king
    This was the first meeting since the french estates general assembly represnted the french estates. King Louis summoned them to propose solutions to the goverments finacial,social and political problems.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The first document that 577 people from the third estate came together to seperate themselves from king louis, and work among themselves.
  • storming of the bastille

    storming of the bastille
    A huge bloodthirsty mob marched in the bastille searching for gun powder and prisoners that king louis took.They were trying to end over taxing overbearing goverment. occured in paris.They were in a huge economic crisis.
  • National assembly decrees abolition of feudalism

    National assembly decrees abolition of feudalism
    the coming together of the document of 19 articels which stated the abolition of feudalism and why. alot of the second estates seigneurial rights were abolished.and the tithes of the first estate.The best of all was the taking away the rright for clegy not to pay taxes.
  • Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen.

    Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen.
    This declaration gave every french person the right of being equal.The king and the nobles did not follow this.Also giving women equality, womens pettition.
  • womens march for bread to versailles

    womens march for bread to versailles
    Women in the market places of paris, came together to riot over the high price of bread.Grew to a mob of thousands.a violent confrontation they got the king to follow thier demands
  • Abolition of nobility and titles

    Abolition of nobility and titles
    people come together to figure out how they can end inequality within a society.The second estate lost most of thier power.
  • black citizens of french colonies granted equal rights

    black citizens of french colonies granted equal rights
    The society of the friends of the blacks was a group of french men and women, mostly white, who were abolitionists.In february1794,the national assembly legislated the universal Emancipation decree,which effectively freed all colonial slaves.
  • begining of legislative assembly

    the legislative assembly /cut into two groups the feuillants/jacobin club . the feuillants liked the constitutional monarchy.Jacobin liked democracy.Both wanted to either limit kings power ot take him out and rule themselves.
  • Execution of king louis XVI

    The beheading of King louis,when 693 voted him guilty.
  • committee of public saftey established

    This committee had 25 people there to prevent big problems that can cause a war or even bigger problems within the country.
  • begining of the reign of terror

    A period of terror that began when the french revolution entered the phase of political conflict namely betewwn th political factions of the girondins and jacobins,The guillotine becamse the method of settling disputes.The law of suspects allowed the creation of tribunals to try and execute anyone who disagreed with the french republic.
  • End of the reign of terror

    robespierre is arrested and executed ending the phase known as the reign of terror.
  • creation of the directorate

    while new ideas came in a new type of goverment was formed
  • Napolean Bonaparte names"fiirst consul" now the effective dictator

    General napolean takes power /directory wasnt working.consulate full power.Napolean obtained alot of power by becoming in a postion of the first consule almost like a dictator.powerlike wise.
  • Napolean consecrated as emperor

    Pope crowns napolean as emperor of france
  • Jacobin masses storm the tuileries palace ,massacring the swiss guard,and the king imprisoned

    A plan of 30,000 french citizens marching to the palace to capture the king, but when they got there him and his family were gone.The mob killed just about everyone in the kingdom.Later they found the king and the family and imprisoned them