French Revolution Timeline By Juan Miguel Valencia 9-A

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  • Meeting of the Estates General

    Meeting of the Estates General
    The meeting of the Estates General was a meeting in which the three classes of the French Revolution, the clergy, the nobles and the peasants, met to to talk about the financial situation and determine the distributions obligations, taxes, rights, etc .
  • Fall of the Bastille

    Fall of the Bastille
    Bastille was in those times an old fortress that was used as a state prison for the kings, what happened at that time was that an enraged crowd demolished the posts of that fortress and burned it, the reason for these events was the social discomfort of the Third estate, this event marked an important point to start the French Revolution.
  • March on Versailles

    March on Versailles
    The march on Versailles was a march led by women who at that time, the purpose was to inspire the revolutionaries to rule over kings and superior states, for this point food was scarce.
  • Flight to Varennes

    Flight to Varennes
    Flight to Varennes was an escape attempt by King Louis XVI of France, his queen Marie Antoinette, and their family tried to escape to avoid the problems caused by the revelation of the people of the third estate, unfortunately for the royal family their escape was a failure, this The event was important because it demonstrated the insecurity of the royal family and the king.
  • Dissolution of the National Assembly

    Dissolution of the National Assembly
    The dissolution of the National Assembly was an event that resulted thanks to years of fighting in the French Revolution, this assembly dissolved itself to be replaced by the Legislative Assembly.
  • War with Austria

    War with Austria
    War with Austria happened in 1972 the Legislative Assembly of France declared war on Austria in the middle of the French Revolution because they wanted to expand the revolution and at the same time defend it in France, at the beginning of the war France did badly but with the passing of time they were getting better.
  • Declaration of the Republic

    Declaration of the Republic
    Declaration of the Republic was an event after the aftermath of the French Revolution and when the power of the monarchy diminished there was finally a relief when the first French Republic was established.
  • The Trial of Louis

    The Trial of Louis
    The trial of Louis was very important in the history of the French Revolution, thanks to the fact that he was no longer a king, from that point on Louis would be a citizen, and with his crimes he would finally end up being executed.
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    Reign of Terror was a time in the French Revolution where the any person who was not against the revolution was killed.
  • The Directory

     The Directory
    The board of directors was a group of five men who supervised economic and political activities, this group was chosen by the new legislature, and changed its members and replaced them from time to time.
  • Napoleon

    Napoleon at that time was part of a group that overthrew the director, for overthrowing them Nalopolean took the position of the directory with a group of three consulates being the first, thanks to overthrowing them they were in charge of what the directory, by doing this ended with the french revolution.
  • Napoleonic wars

    Napoleonic wars
    The Napoleonic wars were wars between the United Kingdom and France, as their name says they were wars in Napoleon's time as ruler, these wars began to occur when Napoleon had more power over France
  • Latin American Wars of Independence

    Latin American Wars of Independence
    The Latin American Wars started 1808 and finished in 1826, there were wars between Spain and latin american patriots, finally the Latino american patriots win the wars.
  • The congress of vienna

    The congress of vienna
    The congress of vienna was created time after the napoleonic wars time after the first time that napoleon resigned, this congress had the objective of restoring territorial order in europe.