French Revolution Timeline

  • Period: to

    Britain Colonizes the Americas

  • Navigation Act

    Navigation Act
    The british parliment passes the navigation act which limited trade between colonies and england.
  • Period: to

    Time when France was a Cast System and Monarchy

    In 18th Century France people are born members of one of three classes: The 1st Estate who were the clergy, the 2nd Estate who were the nobility, and the 3rd Estate who was everybody else. The first two estates represented 3% of the total population and the third estate represented 97% of the population. If you were born a peasant your stay a peasant. The 3rd Estate which is the people were hungry, The 2nd Estate which is the churches were gaining some power while the 1st Estate were rich, wealt
  • Period: to

    French and Indian War

    Britain wins war against france.
  • King George Becomes King

    King George Becomes King
  • Stamp Act Passed

    Stamp Act Passed
    The british parliment passed the stamp act which foreced the colonists to pay a tax when having any sort of document validated by the british government.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
  • 1st Continental Congress Established

    1st Continental Congress Established
  • 2nd Continental Congress Established

    2nd Continental Congress Established
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    The American Revolution was a war between Britain and America. This war was fought due to america's want for independence. This war was very bloody and without the help of King Louis XIV America would not have won. This war made France greatly in debt and went into bankruptcy. This was key because america became one of the worlds first democratic republics. This was such an inspiration for the people in feudal france. In France if you were a peasant then you stayed a peasant.
  • Thomas Jefferson drafts the Declaration of Independence

    Thomas Jefferson drafts the Declaration of Independence
  • US Declaration Signed

    US Declaration Signed
    The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal and we have the rights of liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness. In France which has a feudal system of government these ideas created a weak, and fragile economy which has 3% of the population living rich and 97% of the population stealing bread from bakeries just to live. These ideas were not true in france. For peasants in 18th century france
  • King Louis XIV Aissists in the American Revolution

    King Louis XIV Aissists in the American Revolution
  • Period: to

    French Economy Declines

  • 1st Constitutional Convention

    1st Constitutional Convention
  • US Constitution Ratified

    US Constitution Ratified
    The US Constitution contains revolutionary ideas about the many rights and freedoms that every man/women/children have and how they are endowed but here creator and are unalienable rights which means the can not be taken away. The US Constitution not only gave freedoms to the people but it set rules and regulations that the government must follow if they want to stay in power. The guidelines are set up to help the government run smoothly and help the people retain their rights.
  • Bread Prices Double, Estates General Held

    Bread Prices Double, Estates General Held
  • King Louis XVI Calls Meeting of Estates-General

    King Louis XVI Calls Meeting of Estates-General
    King Louis XIV calls a meeting of the Estates-General which is the representative body of France. The Estates-General hasn’t convened in 175 years leading to this date. The King was trying to create a new taxation plane to reduce the price of bread without the first 2 Estates paying any taxes. Maximilien Robespierre was elected to represent the third Estate in the Estates-General. He was determined to make the first 2 Estates pay taxes and get greater rights for the people. After a 6 week stand
  • Period: to

    The French Revolution

  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    The poor people of Paris charge the bastille to get the gunpowder identifying themselves with the tri-color flag. The general put up a hopeless defense of 35 guards but it was no match for the people of france. After it was done the had killed 35 guards. When the guards were all dead they grabbed the general and beat him in the streets then then decapitated him. Then they put his head on a pike. They paraded down the streets in celebration. When they were done with all of this they tore down the
  • The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

    The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
    This revolutionary documents states that men are born and remain free in equal rights. The view of people described in this document is different than that expressed by Feudalism in the following ways the price raise on bread and the rich being favored and how people are born into their rolls. Louis forced into signing the Rights of Man by the general assembly.
  • Women March to Versailles

    Women March to Versailles
    The women of Paris marched on Versailles and broke into the kings palace because the price for grains went up and nobody could afford it. They kill all of Louis guards and decapitate them and put their heads on pikes. They chased down Marie Antoinette who makes it to Louis room where they then lock the room so they could protect themselves from the mob. The women then demand that the royal family is brought to Paris to discuss the situation in all of France. King louis doesn’t comply instantly w
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    After a 6 week standoff at the Estates-General the representatives from the third estates arrived at the Estates-General to find they were locked out. They moved to a room next door which was a tennis court and with a quasi salute the recited and oath in which they said they were the true representative body of france. This act of defiance became known as the Tennis Court Oath.
  • Royal Family attempts to flee to Austria

    Royal Family attempts to flee to Austria
    King Louis XVI and his family dress up as peasants and get a carriage and flee towards the Austrian Border. They are stopped by a man who asks for their passports. When he see’s who they are he bows down and lets them through into the town where the people were not happy with King Louis. King Louis is caught and brought back to Paris and is put on trial and is declared a traitor thus, the decision is made that Louis will be executed.
  • Prussia/Austria Campaign to Regain France

    Prussia/Austria Campaign to Regain France
    Prussia and Austria Start their campaign to retake france on July 19th 1792. This war at the beginning was very onesided but after the government of France appointed a young commander named Napoleon it started to equal out in victories and losses. In the end the prussians did not reach paris due to the french army. This in turn allowed france to regain a footing and get itself back on its feet to create a stable economy and country.
  • King Louis XIV Executed

    King Louis XIV Executed
  • Period: to

    Regin of Terror

    The Reign of Terror was a period of time from September 5 1793-July 25 1794. During this time period over 16,000 people were executed for crimes against the state. During this time the assembly used their power to commit mass executions that were simply uncalled for. This was conceived as a revolutionary form of government.
  • Period: to

    British Siege on Toulon France

    In 1793, French Royalists in Toulon surrendered their port and city to a British fleet under Vice Admiral Samuel Hood. A land force of 18,000 of mixed nationalities, including 2,000 British (mainly Royal Marines), gathered to protect Toulon against a French Republican counter-attack.
  • Marie Antoinette's Trial/Death

    Marie Antoinette's Trial/Death
    Marie Antoinette is taken from her children and is taken and put into a prison where her hair is cut off and she is taken from every luxurious item that she liked. She is then put on trial where she wins some of the crowd but, is then voted to be executed. She is told that her son was beaten to death. When there she keeps her cool and is then put in a carriage where she could hear the insults and is then put and the stage and then is decapitated.
  • Maximilien Robespierre Suicide Attempt/Trial/Executio

    Maximilien Robespierre Suicide Attempt/Trial/Executio
    Maximilien Robespierre attempts suicide and fails. He is then put in the same cell as Marie Antoinette where they cut off his hair and put a cloth on his injury so he didn’t die before his execution happened. The cloth also prevented Robespierre from talking due to the injury from his failed suicide attempt. Just like Louis XVI he is decapitated by the guillotine.
  • Napoleon Returns from Egypt and Is Urged to Seize Power