French Revolution Timeline

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  • Estates-General is called to meeting

    Estates-General is called to meeting
    The Estates-General meeting was a meeting of the three estates within French society. It included the clergy, nobles, and peasant classes. It was used to determine a person's rights and status. I think this is important because it is the beginning of the French Revolution, and how things got to the point of the revolution beginning.
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • Storming of Bastille

    Storming of Bastille
    The Storming of Bastille was located in Paris, France. The people attacked and stormed the Bastille because it was a symbol to the oppressed people, and they needed the gunpowder for their weapons. The people believed that they would benefit from all of the gunpowder and ammunition within the building.
    This was important because it was the first act of violence in the French Revolution.
  • Declaration of Rights of Men

    Declaration of Rights of Men
    The Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen defined the rights of individuals during the time of the French Revolution. It was passed by France's National Constituent Assembly. It granted civil rights to some commoners, but it excluded a significant portion of the French population.
    It is important because it established the human and civil rights of citizens during the French Revolution.
  • New Constitution and Legislative Assembly

    New Constitution and Legislative Assembly
    The New constitution was created by the National Assembly during the French Revolution. Sovereignty resided in the Legislative Assembly which was put in place by a system of indirect voting. It was restricted to citizens who paid a minimum amount in taxes.
    This is important because it was the government's first attempt at a written constitutional document.
  • The Revolution Wars

    The Revolution Wars
    The revolutionary wars were a series of military conflicts from the French Revolution. It lasted several years and involved several countries. They pitted France against Great Britain, Austria, and several other monarchies.
    This was important because it involved France and was a major part of the French Revolution.
  • The Reign of Terror

    The Reign of Terror
    The Reign of Terror was a violent period during the French Revolution. Radicals took over control of the revolutionary government. Anything that hinted in opposition to the government could mean prison or death.
    This event was important because it was supposed to protect France from the enemies of the revolution.
  • Robespierre's dictatorship

    Robespierre's dictatorship
    Maximilien Robespierre was the architect of the Reign of Terror. He encouraged the execution of more than 17,000 enemies of the revolution. He was a very influential figure in the French Revolution. Robespierre was a key figure in the French Revolution, and he was a radical democrat which played a significant role.
  • Directory rules France

    Directory rules France
    The Directory was the governing five-member committee in the French First Republic. It lasted four years before being overthrown. Once it was replaced it was replaced by the French Consulate. It was important because it established a decent government for the people due to the failure of revolutionary France.
  • Napoleon Coup d'etat

    Napoleon Coup d'etat
    The Coup d'etat was the government system being overthrown. Napoleon Bonaparte took over the overthrown government. This was viewed as the effective end of the French revolution. This was important because it was the end of the French Revolution, once Napoleon took power.