French Revolution Timeline

  • Feudalism Abolished

    Feudalism was abolished
  • Tennis Courth Oath

    The third estate swore the "Tennis Court Oath", that they would not move until they had created a constitution that laced power in the hands of the people. This inspired a wide variety of revolutionary activity in the months afterwards.
  • Formation of the National Assembly

    Louis XVI called in the Estates General to deal with France's financial crisis. Members had been elected to represent the estates of the real. The first estate (the Clergy) , the second estate (The Nobility) and the Third estate (Everybody else)
  • Storming of the Bastille

    A big mob of people marched to the Bastille, searching for gun powder and prisoners that had been taken by the King. They attacked the Bastille. This inspired French people to take up arms against the King and the nobility. The Storming of Bastille became a national symbol.
  • The Great Fear

    Everybody in France was afraid.
  • Decleration of Rights of Man and Citizen

    This Decleration gave the rights of Freedom, Freedom of speech, Freedom of press, Liberty, property, security.
  • Louis XVI Escape

    King Louis XVI tries to escape Paris with his family. His wife was trying to convince him for a bit, and he finally gave in. His wife wanted to leave because she got some serious death threats.
  • Franche Goes to war against Austria

    French Government declared war on Austria, Prussia was allied with Austria. So France found itself versing both Countries
  • Execution of Louis XVI

    Executed by the Guillotine
  • RobesPierre Execution

    Robespierre was accused of being a tyrant, and he was abandoned by his supporters. He was arrested July 27th and was executed the next day