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French Revolution Timeline

  • Meeting of the Estates General

    Meeting of the Estates General
    --The meeting of Estates General wa helped because the novel wanted to tax the third class.
    --they not met for 175 years.
    --the First Estate and Second Estate voted together,outvoting the Third Estate.
    --the Third Estates wanted to change the voting process.
    --they proclaimed themselves a legislature,the Nationa Assembly with the right to make law for France.
    --they would not leave the court until written a constituition..
  • Creation of the National Assembly

    Creation of the National Assembly
    -a transition body between the Estates-General and the National Constituent Assembly
    -7000 women marched ont he palace,because to make peace with the crowed.
    -passed an act that turned the clergy into public employees.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    -The third class turned to violence in the Storming of Bastille. A mob took over the castle and captured the king. The kings children were put in jail and the King was eventually killed.
    -This was very important because the nobels had lost their power
    -symoblize attacked the Bastille.
    -the king would punish them and end the revolution.
    -some peasant took revenge;destoryed records.
    --they were violence in the countryside.
  • Declaration of the Righs of Man and of the Citizen

    Declaration of the Righs of Man and of the Citizen
    -inspired by American Declaration of Independence and the writting of Enlightement Philsophers.
    -guaranteed freendom of speech,the press and religion.
    - rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression.
    -eliminated all the feudal dues and services that the peasant owed the landowners,and first estates's leegal privileges.
    -guarantees freedom of speech.the press,and religion.
  • Creation of the National Convention

    Creation of the National Convention
    -The National Convention was the governing body of France from the start of the revolution until the formation of the National Directory.
    -including businessman,trademen,and many professional men.
    -The NC created because legislative Anssembly felt powerless about the mob violence and foreign invasion and to weak.
    abolishing the monarcy and declaring republic.
    -was elected to provide a new constitution for the country after the overthrow of the monarchy
    -The Mountain,Girondins and Plain
  • Execution of the King

    Execution of the King
    -The people knew the king had to be killed. They put his head in the guillotine and chopped it off, ending his power. Europeans reacted with horror when they heard what happend. The people of France felt free!
    -in January 21,1793 the king was executed.
    -the Montagnards want to execute the king because to prevent
    a return of the monarchy and to defend the revolution from its enemies.
    -Europeans react like horror to the new of the French Revolution.
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    -the leader take such drastic action because to avoid a possible counterevolution.
    -Countryside,vandee was most resistant to the Revolution.the reason foe this was because peasant's religion.And vandee erupt the civil war.
    -some were even forbidden to defend themselves.
    -the peasant and laborers were most affected by the terror.A females also executed name was call Marie-Antoinette.The leaders like Robespierre and Danton were also executed.
    -About 1700 people were excuted.
  • Coup d'etat

    Coup d'etat
    -Napolean was gaining more power and taking over countries by bringing his army in and fighting. A coup d'etat is a change in government power with force.
    -Napolean thought his empire should take over the world.
    - the Jean-Paul Marolt, ,Georges-Jacques Danton were the important leaders,