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French Revolution Timeline

  • End of American Revolution

    End of American Revolution
    Lord Cornwalllis is trapped at Yorktown by Washington and the French navy, effectively ending the American Revolution.
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    The French Revolution was a brutal conflict that spanned from the oppression of the French people under the corrupt aristocracy.
  • National Assembly assembled

    National Assembly assembled
    The National Assembly is convened and declares themselves the main source of legislature
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The kicked out Third Estate members made this oath in order to save France
  • The Estates General meeting

    The Estates General meeting
    Louis calls for the Estates( the first, second, and third classes) to discuss France's future. The 1st and 2nd estates dominate the talks, due to bribery or etc. The third estate takes the Tennis Court Oath as a vow to save France and creates the National Assembly which began to make laws in the name of the people
  • Bastille Day

    Bastille Day
    The kings prison is raided by angry citizens. This lead to the attack of landlords and the raiding of food stores. Seven prisoners are freed and the Bastille is destroyed via orders from the Commitee of the Hotel de Ville
  • The Changes

    The Changes
    The National Assembly officially ends Serfdom and Feudalism and the people call for Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood. 2 papers known as the "Declaration of the Rights of Man" and "The Citizen" are written. A limited monarchy was demanded
  • Execution of King Louis

    Execution of King Louis
    The debate on Louis's life was fought between Girondin from Southwest France and Mountain from Paris. Girondin wanted to let the King live; Mountain desired his blood to be spilled. Mountain wins and executes the King and his wife
  • War and Counter-Revolution

    War and Counter-Revolution
    War on Austria, Holland, Prussis, England, Spain Counter Revolution occured when Vendee revolted
  • Reign of Terror begins

    Reign of Terror begins
    In 1793, the National Assembly is disbanded, the nobles are thrown into prison, and Jacobins Marat, Danton, and Robespierre thrown into power.
  • Commitee of Public Safety

    Commitee of Public Safety
    Incepted by the National Assembly, it was a joint force of Europe and anti-Revolutionaries
  • Marat assassinated

    Marat assassinated
    Marat is mysteriously assassinated by a woman
  • Levy en Masse

    Levy en Masse
    The mass conscription (enrollment of urban militias into France)
  • Dechristianization of France

    Dechristianization of  France
    Admistrastve Reforms to change the religion of the mostly Catholic France
  • Danton is executed

    Danton is executed
    The Jacobin that was a key figure in the Commitee of Public Safety, was executed because of the paranoia of Robespierre 2.0
  • Robespierre survives assassination attempt

    Robespierre survives assassination attempt
    After an attempt on his life, he became extremely paranoid
  • Thermidain Reaction

    After Robespierre passed the 22 Parial causing the deaths of hundreds of civilians, he was executed by Guillotine.
  • Directory

    The churches reopen under a governing body of 5 men who held executive rule
  • Napoleon takes Milan

    Napoleon takes Milan
    Napoleon, as a general, had plentiful military conquests, such as the victory at taking back Milan for the French.
  • Napoleon conquest in Egypt

    Napoleon Bonaparte had led an army into Egypt at the Pyramids. Here he supposeldy blew up the nose off the Sphinx, and discovered the Rosetta Stone
  • New Emperor

    New Emperor
    At the church called Notre Dame, Napoleo is elected emperor
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Battle of Trafalgar
    Lord Nelson, a war hero of Britain and Napoleon's arch-nemesis, met him on the field of battle at Trafalgar in a naval battle. While Nelson dies in the battle, along with 1,700 Brits, Napoleon's maritime power was beaten badly
  • Louis XVII becomes King

    Louis XVII becomes King
    Louis becomes the King of France, solidifying the return of the monarchy. Napoleon;therfore, is kicked off his imperial throne
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    When the European nations united against him, Napoleon fought hard at the Battle of Waterloo. Defeated, he was exiled to St. Helena, where he remained until hid death