French revolution time line

  • King louis becomes king

    King louis becomes the king begins to borrow money to support american revolution.
  • Estates General

    Due to marie antoinettes purchases amoung other things, france sooned faced bankruptcy. Instead of cutting expenses king louis put off the problem untill the second estate made him call the Estates General to approve of his new taxes.
  • National assembly established

    the third estate was allowed to have each delegate have one vote, they in turn created the national assembly and ended the monarchy.
  • storming of the bastille

    The king no longer trusting the french army, moves his swiss guards to paris. The peasents fearing they come to kill, gather weapons and storm the bastille for gunpowder.
  • Bankers stop funding king louis

    from 1774 - 1786 the french borrowed extreme amounts of money from the banks. The bank soon became sick of this a stopped funding, leading fracne to even deeper debts.
  • Women storm the palace.

    After rising bread costs women of paris marched out and forced the king and his family to live in paris.
  • national assembly

    The national ssembly starts to rip away at the church. Seizing their lands and forcing them to work for the goverment.
  • The king flees.

    The king advisors now tells him that he might be in danger. In response he tries to escape but is recognized by a town guard.
  • A limited monarchy arises.

    Angry at the king for fleeing the french people force him to accept a limited monarchy.
  • War.

    After Austria and Prussia suggest louis is put back on the throne, the french attack declaring war.
  • Dont threaten the french.

    After the prussian commander threatened to burn paris to the ground if they harm the royal family, the french responded by murdering his 600 guards and killing the family later that year.
  • The king is dead!

    after trial of treason the king is found guilty and sentenced to death
  • Robespierre takes control

    After slowly rising to the top, he becomes leader of france a rules with a iron fist.
  • The end of a tyrant.

    Robespierre after sentncing so many to death was tried and killed by his own process.
  • He who weilds fame.

    Napoleon is ordered to defend the republic from a mob, after using a cannonade and breaking the mob apart he is regarded as a hero.
  • The directory

    The people tired of all the carnage left the decisions to the directory. although corrupt they did have order, and napoleon led their army.
  • To italy

    Napoleon is ordered to not only cross the alps but to take over italy. Which he succedes in destroying the austrian threat.
  • TO egypt and back

    After being wiped out at egypt napoleon takes over france.
  • How dare you?!

    after being attacked by the second coalition napoleon fights them and succedes.
  • Are we done yet?

    After taking care of frances enemies napoleon returns. though a dictator he ends the revolution.