French Revolution Jeffrey Lewis

By ppant1
  • Bastille Day

    Rumours were spread that the King was going to fire guns. So the people furious sent a mom and charged into Bastille, where they keep the guns. This is now a symbolic day in France.
  • Beginnings of Downfall

    France had an absolute king and the people were destitute. The Church paid no income tax and France was loosing all their money in wars. This was the start of the beginning of the downfall of economy and France.
  • Rights of Man

    The National Assembly made the a document called the Rights of Man which is like our "Bill of Rights."
  • Arguements

    Arguements began to errupt whether the should keep the king and different groups saw different ideas.
  • Royal Family

    The Royal Family tries to flee the country in disguise. They were however caught and put under house arrest. Europe's kings were terrified; France was then threatened.
  • Killing of the King

    They decided to vote and killed King Louis XVI via guillatine. Every king across the world had a "heart attack."
  • Robespierre is Killed

    Robespierre, the leader of France at the time, was killed also via guillatine. France was then run by the Directory.