French Revolution

  • Tennis Court Oath

    The national assembley got together to issue the tenis court oath. they swore (never to seperate and meet wherever the circumsptances might require until we have established a sound and just constitution). The nationl assembley was the representitives of the people.
  • storming of the Bastille

    The Bastille was a grim medieval fortress used as a prison for political and other prisioners. Paris stormed the fortress because rumors spreading throughout the street.
  • Moderate Phase

    This was the time of the 3 estates. The nobles, or the peasents or the middle class
  • Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Flee

    Louis tried to flee his country to escape all of his problems of the people but he got caught. This event proves how bad the problems were in France.
  • decleration of pillnitz

    in this document it is about the two monarchs that threatened to intervine to protect the french monarchy. this was basically all bluff.
  • regin of terror

    economic problems fed renewed termoil. increse in prices led to hoardering and caused additional food shortages.
  • constitution of 1791

    insured equality before the law of all ale citizens and ended church interferences in government. this seemed to complete the revolution.
  • women march on versallies

    about 6000 women marched 13 miles in pouring rain from paris to Versallies. when they marched they shouted of the most powerul, intimidating and vulgar word.... Bread. they wouldnt leave Versallies until the king returned to france.
  • Agust 10 1792

    A crowd of Parisians stormed the palace of Tuileries and sluaghered all the kings gaurds. The royal family just escaped before the mob got tp them.
  • Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette exucuted

    They were exucuted becuase they try to flee their own country. They went to court and were guilty of trator of france.
  • Radical phase

    It begun in 1792 when a group of people disagreeded with the goverment and wanted to change things themselves. This was important because they started to define the goverment.
  • Louis XVI calls to order estates general

    in 1788 France went through bankrupcy which led to bread riots and fearful taxes were denouncing royal tyranny. This was important for the French revolution beacuse the French government realized that they were in trouble.
  • The DirectorY

    had two-house legislayuren elected by male citizens of property.