French Revolution Events

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  • 18


    In June 18, 1815, a battle broke out between the British and Napoleon. The British was led by the Duke of Wellington, and they defended their ground for several hours. Later that day the Prussian came to help the British. Both these countries made Napoleons army flee. This is an important event because this lost ended Napoleons power.
  • War

    The legislative Assembly declared war on Europe and France in April 1792. This war made the counties have themselves as enemies. For France the war did not go well for them and it destroyed their civilization. This is an important event because it was the start of the revolution.
  • Leader

    In July 1793 a new leader of the committee of public safety was announced. The new leader was Maximilien Robespierr, and he governed France for a year. The purpose of the committee was to protect the revolution from enemies, but he let French citizens stay true to revolution idea. This event is important because it shows who was gaining power during the revolution.
  • The End

    On July 28, 1794, the end of Robespierre as a leader occured. His reign ended because he went to a guillotine. This happened because people turned on him and wanted him to be executed. This is an important event because it was the end of another leader in the French Revolution.
  • Hero

    In October 1795 Napoleon became a hero. Rebels marched into the nation convention on this day, and Napoleon defended his people. He marched his gunmen and cannons to the rebels and they fled in fear. This is an important event because it shows the start of the powerful and well respected Napoleon.
  • Peace

    When 1802 came around Europe was finally at peace. This was the first time in ten years the Europe was at peace. This meant that Napoleon no longer had to worry about Europe and could start to rebuild France. This is an important event because it shows the French Revolution coming to an end.
  • Blockade

    In November 1806 Napoleon closed all entries of training and communications. He closed these entries for Great Britain and other European countries. This was called the Continental System. This is an important event because it was the start of making Europe more efficient.
  • Big Mistake

    In 1812 Napoleon made a big mistake. His mistake was invading Russia because of a break down in an alliance between them over trading. This invasion led the Russian to kill all live stalk and burn all the food in Napoleons kingdom, this left him with nothing for his people. This is an important event because it led the countries into being enemies.
  • Borodino

    On September 7, 1812 the battle of Borodino took place. This was the battle between Russia and Napoleon. The battle went for several hours until the Russian fled back, and Napoleon entered Moscow. Moscow was in flames because the Russians would rather ruin their city than give it to Napoleon. This is an important event because it shows what Napoleon was capable of.
  • Holy Alliance

    In 1815 three rulers of Europe find an alliance. This alliance was called the Holy Alliance and its purpose was to put countries relations on Christian principles. This was so the countries could worry less about the French Revolution. This is an important event because it connects the countries Austria and Prussia together.