French revolution (cody)

By sd08tg
  • the marrage of louis 16 and Marie Antoinette

    marie antoinette came to marry lois the 16 to join countrys as an aliance. they got married in the castle.
  • the death of lois the 15th

    he died of gaing green.He was the first Bourbon ruler whose heart was not, as tradition demanded, cut out and placed in a special coffer.citation needed The body was not embalmed for fear of contamination; instead, alcohol was poured into the coffin. The remains were also soaked in quicklime.
  • lois the 16 crowned king

    He was crowned king and had to take over after the death of his father lois the 15th.
  • Louis XVI formally declares war on Britain

  • finance minister declares bankrupcy

  • meeting of the estates general.

  • Period: to

    french revolution

  • Tennis Court Oath

  • thurd estate stormed bastiel

  • lois 16 flees to austrailia

  • lois 16 trial were he was sent to death

  • execution of lois the 16th

  • rein of terror

  • execution of robespirre

  • Constitution of the Year III