French Revolution, By; Crystal Drexler

  • France, desperate for money

    King Louis xvi, was desperate for money since France was deeply in debt and the revolution was digging a deeper hole, alone1
  • Estates, loss of power!

    All three Estates were not happy by their loss of power because of the monarchy.
  • Estate gets a life chaning vote.

    Third Estate claimed themselves as a National Assembly, with the power to make laws for France.
  • Revolution threw France into chaos

  • Storming Bastile

    Parisians, came from miles around storming into the prison, looking for weapons
  • Old Order

    society was split up into three estates, first-church people, second-nobility, third-everyone else
  • Spanish Monarchy gone!

    radical representatives changed france by taking the monarchy out and replacing it as a republic.
  • Execution of the king.

    that morning the king was executed with the tool, called the guillotine, he was defended, but the drum roll was too loud and drownded out the voice and the king was forced under the murderous tool!
  • Reign of Terror

    a period during the French Revolution in which the Robespierre-led government executed thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens.
  • Civil War breaks out!

    A civil war broke out among france destroying everybody, and everything in the people's path.