French Revolution and Napoleon

  • Louis XIV

    Got personal plessure before taking care of business. Then got even more debt. So they hired Jacques Necker.
  • Bad food

    Bad food harvest sent their prices through the roof.
  • Clergy Enjoys wealth

    French clergy still got much wealth and privelege.
  • Natrional Debt Soars

    50% of the taxes went to the debt they owed. Leaveing peasents hungry.
  • Monarchy

    Turned france into a constitutional monarchy.
  • Unrest Exploded

    A rumor spread that the factory manager was going to cut pay even though the bread prices were high. Angry workers destroyed the owners home.
  • Parisians Storm of Bastille

    The parisians went to the Bastillian demanding weapons. So broke in killed 5 guards and commander and relased prisoners. But not finding any weapons.
  • Limited Monarchy

    Set up a limited monarchy instead of having an absolute monarch.
  • Failed escape of Louis

    A coach came north from paris. In it was a king dressed like a servant. The queen as a governess, with the royal children. But they were caught. The king was called names and a traitor.
  • Women March

    6,000 women march 13 miles in the pouring rain from paris to varsailles.
  • Period: to


    Violence ended the monarchy.
  • Leads to violence

    A group of Parisians went to the palace of the Tuileries and killed the guards. The royal family escaped before they could die.
  • Radical Convention

    A convention was set up that that extreme than the body's earlier.
  • Prisoners Killed

    1,200 prisoners were killed some just being the average criminal. this was part of the "September Massacres".
  • Drove out the British

    Napoleon drove out the British forces from the French port.