french revolution

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  • reign of terror

    reign of terror
    reighn of terror ends
  • Bad harvest

    Bad harvest
    Bad harvest leads to food shortages
  • National assembly

    National assembly
    national assembly adops Decleration of the Rights of Man
  • National assembly

  • National convention

    National convention
    national convention splits into factions
  • king louis XVI

    king louis XVI
    king louis XVI is executed
  • commitee

    the comitee was sending"representatives on a misiions"as agents of the central goverment to all parts of france to implament laws dealing with the wartime emergency.
  • constitution

    New constitution is created
  • napolean

    Napolean takes in coup d'etat
  • an agreement

    an agreement
    napolean made an agreement with the pope. it recignized catholism as the religion of most of the french people.
  • Naoplean

    Naoplean made consul for life
  • ne emperor

    ne emperor
    Npolean is crowned as emperor
  • A loss

    A loss
    French are defeated at trafalgar
  • war

    over 600 man entered russia. a quick defeat was left in history.
  • A defeat

    A defeat
    Napolean is defeated at Waterloo