French rev

French Revolution

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    French Revolution

  • National Assembly created

    National Assembly created
    education-portal.comThe National Assembly was created by the third estate. The reason they created it was because the first and second estate were teaming up to out vote the third estate. So the third estate left the meeting and had their own in a different room.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    [Nootes](NOTES)The Tennis Court Oath was created because king Louis 16th locked the National Assembly out of the meeting room they were in. The oath said they were going to meet untill the D.M.R was finished
  • Royal Escape

    Royal Escape
    wikipediaThe royal family was taken to Pairs to be put under house arrest. The king wanted to leave so in the middle of the night he tryed to escapr to a different country to get help to end the revolution. He was almodt there but was stoped and wasa captured and taken back to Paris .
  • Attack on the Bastille

    Attack on the Bastille
    [notes](notes)The attack on the Bastille was done because the king had the city of Paris surronded by the millitary. The people freaked out and stormed the Bastille because that is were they held the gunpowder and after they got the gunpowder they destroyed it.
  • D.R.M

    The Declaration of the Rights of Men was written by the the third estate. It was the first step to from their own government and the first step to wirting a constitution for Frence.
  • Bread March

    Bread March
    [note](Notes)Thousands of woman marched to the palace of Versailles. They were there to get the king and his family to Paris to sing the D.M.R and to get food.
  • causes of French Revolution

    causes of French Revolution
    NotesOn cause was they went bankrupt they went bankrupt because they spent a lot of money fighting wars with England. Another cause was bad leadership the king and queen did not care about the people and keep spending money on parties and cloths. Another cause was bad harvests france had a really bad winter and the cold killed all the crops.
  • Dissolution of the National Assembly

    Dissolution of the National Assembly
    historylists.orgFrances constitution finelly came into effect.Nstional Assmbly replaced by thr Legislative Assembly
  • War

    historylist.orgRevolutionaries thought that the war would unify the nation and spread the ideas of the revolution. They declared war on Austria
  • Attack on the Tuileries Palace

    Attack on the Tuileries Palace
    historylists.org20,000 people attacked the palace. The king and Queen escaped and were put under arrest for their own protection. Over the next month hundreds of suspected royalists were killed.
  • Death of King Louis 16th

    Death of King Louis 16th
    history.comAfter he tryed to escape the french government put him on trill and was convictied of conspiracy with foreign powers. He was sent to the guillotine to be killed.
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    The regin of terror was were france was losing the war to Austria and they got within 30 miles of Paris. So as a result the frnch government started to kill people aginst the french revolution.
  • Results of the French Revolution

    Results of the French Revolution
    infopleaseThe french revolution help get rid of the monarchy in Europe. The 1st and 2nd estate lost everything and the 3rd estate gained alot. The church had also lost all its power