Keepin' French Revolution history real! (French Revolution Timeline)

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    French Revolution

    French RevolutionFrench Revolution Events
  • King Louis Poor Ruling

    SourceKing Louis was in big debt. The reasong for this were many, but the most noticables one were: The spendings while helping the Americans in their Revolution, Marie Antoniette's reckless spending, on jewels, entretainment, dresses, etc. Adittionaly, King Louis barely confronted the problems face to face, and would rather just let them solve themselves.
    This all caused his huge debt in France; and King Louis solution was to try to make tax's higher, but his people were having none of it.
  • Meeting of Estates-General

    SourceKing Louis was forced by the Second Estate to call a meeting with the assembly of representatives from all three states. This was caused because King Louis wanted to impose taxes on the nobility.
  • National Assembly is created (Also called Tennis Court Oath)

    On this day, the National Assembly was created through the vote of the three different states. This was also a huge hit on the French goverment since it caused it not be an Absolute Monarchy anymore. It is also typically called as the "Tennis Court Oath" since the voting and debating was done in a Indoor tennis court, after King Louis attempt to close off the delegates from voting,.
  • Bastille Day

    SourceA mob of many men and women, searching for gunpowder and arms stormed the Bastille, a Paris prison. They overwhelmed all the guards, (killed some) and overtook the building. After, they hacked the prison commander and several guards heads, and then paraded with those dead man’s heads on spikes.
    This event symbolizes that the King no longer had absolute power over his own subjects.
    PS.This event is known as Bastille Day and is a holiday in France.
  • Nobleman, and Clergy beging to change sides.

    SourceNobleman began to make grand speeches. They declared their love for liberty and equality. This led to them joining the other members of the National Assembly in sweeping away the feudal privilege of the First and Second Estates. Finally making commoners equal to the Nobles and the Cergy. Additionaly, by morning, the Old Regime was dead. This event is real important, since it shows that Noble's and Clergy realized how much change was needed, and finally teamed up with the N.A.
  • Declaration of Rights of Men and The Citizens

    SourceThe Declaration of Rights of Men and The Citizens was passed by the National Assembly. Which is a document that states that: “men are born and remain free and equal in rights”. This rights included “liberty,property, security and resistance to oppression.” Basically, this was an official statement, that all citizens in France were equals. This is really important, since it was a big step for the French to finally be able to publicly state that all individuals were free and equals.
  • Women's March on Versailles

    SourceOn this day, thousands of Parisian women rioted over the rising price of the bread. First, they demanded the National Assembly to provide bread for the poor; they then went and turned to their king and queen. They broke into their palace, killing some of the guards, and demanded to Louis and Marie to return to Paris. Louis agreed, and left with his family to Versailles,
    This event was really important since Louis leaving signals the change of power and radical reforms about to overtake France.
  • Louis tries to escape

    SourceKing Louis and his family tried to escape France, since they knew they were in big danger thanks to the Revolution, and the increasing violence only motivated them even mroe. However, they were apprehended right when they were about to escape and returned to Paris under guard.
    This attempt to escape also is really important since it increased the influence of his enemies over him, and thus sealed his fate.
  • A new constitution!

    SourceThe National Assembly completed a new constitution, which was implemented when Louis reluctantly approved it. This constitution created a Constitutional Monarchy. It stripped the king of much of his authority, and also created a new legislative body, The Legislative Assembly. This body had power to create, approve or reject laws/declarations of war. However the king still held the executive power to enforce laws.

    This event is really important, since France was finally progressing and changing
  • War is declared!

    SourceMany different countries were against France reformations, since they believed that they might inspire their own citizens to turning toward them. (Most notably Austria,) They then demanded that King Louis XVI was returned to his own throne and power. The National Assembly, thendeclared war upone those who opposed their ideas. refusing to be intimidated. This event is really important since it symbolizes how much the French believed in their own ideas and change.
  • The Tuileries is Invaded!

    SourceOn this day, about 20,000 men and women invaded the Tuileries, the palace where the royal family (King Loui´s family) was staying. The mob massacred the royal guards and imprisoned Louis, Marie Antoinette and their children. This symbolized that the French citizens still weren't afraid of the opposing countries, and that they were willing to take actions themselves.
  • The September Massacres!

    There was a fear that foreign armies would attack Paris and that the inmates of the city's prisons would revolt and massacre the people. This resulted in officials ordering for the criminals to be killed before they marched off. Between 1,200 to 1,400 people prisoners were killed. No one was prosecuted for the killings excpet the Girondists and later the Jacobins.
  • The Monarchy is Abolished!

    SourceThe Legislative Assembly put asside the constitution of 1791, removing the King and dissolving the assembly. This then lead to a calling for a election of a new legislature. The new governing branch called the National Convention was then establshed. This allowed France to finally be monarchy free, and made France into a Republic. Men were all able to vote and had an opportunity to work in office.
    This event was really important since it symbolized freedom, and the end of all Monarchy in France
  • Louis is beheaded!

    SourceSourceThe National Convention had taken away Louis's power, and made him into a regulare imprisoned citizen. The Jacobins then accused him of betraying the government. The Convention found him guilty and he was sentenced to die on January 21, 1793. (Fun fact he was beheaded with a guillotine. ) This is a really important event since this symbolizes the death of the last absolute monarch France had. It also marks the death of one of the most important mans in history.
  • Citizens become part of Army.

    SourceMore or less when the National Convention took office, France had a victory over Austria and Prussia. However, the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands joined Austria and Prussia against France. This lead to many defeats and deaths. This caused Jacobins leaders that were in the Convention to make a draft of 300,000 French citizens to join the army. This event was important because it made the French army much more streonger, and much more formidable enemy.
  • Reign of Terror Begins

    SourceRobespierre became the leader of the Comittee of Public Security. For a year, he governed France as a dictatior which was know as "The Reign of Terror." Robespierre had the enemies tried in the morning, and in the same day executed numerous times, This really terrified the citizens. He did this since he believe this would cause citizens to stick to the Revolution ideals. This is an important event because everyone in France was terified; and didn't know how to put an end to all of it.
  • The End of The Reign of Terror

    SourceMembers of the Nationcal Convention teamed up and ordered for Robespierre to be arrested and executed. The 28th of July also marks the day Robespierre was executed on the guillotine. This event is really important since The Reign of Terror was finally over, and people were more realieved and were able to live more comfortably.
  • Creation of a new plan of Government

    SourceModerate leaders from the National Convention made the third new plan of government. It put most of its power on the upper middle class and made a two house legislatuew along an executive branch called "The Directory" which was a branch which purpose was to get rid of corrupt people and "evil" moderates.
    This is a really important event since it marks the end of the second phase of the F.R. It also gave the citizens a small period of time of order and calmation... Of course until Napoleon came.