French Revolution

By diantec
  • Louis XVI

    Louis XVI takes the throne at the age of 19. He was well intentioned but weak leader who was often dominated by his wife Marie Antoinette
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • Louis XVI

    Louis Government is about to go bankrupt, cause of bad harvest. The National Assembly is formed.
  • Bastile

    The people in paris storm the bastile a much hated prison. The French Revolution had begun.
  • N.A Adoption

    National Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizens. Gurantee the rights of "liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression", to all people
  • The Great Fear

    The peasants thought that the nobles were sending people out to terrorize them. So they rioted. Stormed versailles and demanded that louis and Marie come to paris.
  • National Assembly

    N.A disbanded so the new Legislative Assembly can take over. Creates a Constitutional monarchy
  • The Revolution Leaders

    The Revolution leaders start to turn on each other.
  • Austria and Prussia

    Supported Louis XVI sent troops to Paris.
  • 20,000

    20,000 parisians invade the Royal Palace. Louis wife and family is imprisoned
  • The National Convention

    The National Convention abolishes the Monarchy and declares France a Republic.
  • Louis Death

    No longer king. Tried for treason and found guilty and sentenced to death
  • Joining Together

    GB, Holland, and Spain join Prussia and Austria and fighting France.
  • Maximillian

    Max. sets out to gather power. Becomes leader of the commitee.
  • Robespierre

    He governed France nearly as a dictator. This period became known as the "Reign of Terror".
  • Mary

    Mary Antionette was executed.
  • Rob

    Rob was executed.
  • Napoleon

    Two houses legislature on an executive body of five men. Napoleon Bonaporte chosen.