French revolution

By mark555
  • Estates General Called

    Estates General Called
    The Estates General was a assembly between the three estates of france to fix france's economic problems also it not been called since 1614 the three estates fail to fix any of france's problems reason a unfair voting system there were 3 estates first estate the clergy, second estate nobility third estate the rest of france, The bourgeoisie, urban poor and the farmers made up rest of france. the third's goal was to tax the first and second, the first and second goal was to block any changes.
  • National Assembly Formed

    National Assembly Formed
    after the third estate failed to make any changes to their suwshin at estates general they would decide to make their own national assembly to make changes that would benefit the third estate. This would be met with opsing for the king who lock them out of their building this would lead to the tennis court oath.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    this event starts with the king locking the national assembly this cause the members of the national assembly to have their assembly in a near by tennis court, during the assembly they would take a oath to never separate until they got a written constitution had been establish in france.
  • The Storming of the bastille

    The Storming of the bastille
    With tensin's at all time in france but mostly paris because of the king would begin fearing that his position was under threat, because his fear he call the military to surround paris but this would only serve to add fuel to the fire resulting in the creation of the bourgeois militia, with this they decided to arm themselves by raiding a military hospital, but they had no gun powder so they storm the bastille to free prisoners but to mostly get ammo for there guns
  • Constitutional Monarchy

    Constitutional Monarchy
    The formation of the constitutional monarchy started with a group of women getting fed up that the king had still not fix the food crisis so decided that the king would have to see his starving people up close. The king lived at the palace of versaille, the woman began their march from paris which was only a few km away. As they march there horde would grow to the tens of thousands, when they reach versaille the king would come out and agree to share power with the new government
  • France A Republic

    France A Republic
    after the creation of the constitutional monarchy the king would be forced to bend to every demand that the government had, because he had to show his support to the revolution, the king began to realize that in do time he would have no power he decided to ampet to flew to the austrian netherlands but he would get caught before he could leave france, after this the king would lose all of power after the jacobins had taken over the government they would declare the French Republic
  • Beheaded

    after the Jacobins took control of the government and declared the first French republic the Jacobins were the most radical of the group's in the revolution they sought to get rid of the king unlike the Moderates who wanted to keep the king as figure head for the new France, this all come to head when they called for vote to execute or save king louis 16. the vote was but he would die by 1 vote and would be sentences to death by the guillotine.
  • Reign Of Terror Begins

    Reign Of Terror Begins
    The reign of terror was time period of fear know Robespierre was the leader of the jacobines at this time period he would be at the height of power. he would be the main person that push the reign of terror. The main force of the reign of terror was fear, more pacifically the fear of a counter revolt or that you were against the new government and if you were you would die by of guillotine it did now matter what rank you were any one could die for a government about freedom there was no freedom
  • Reign of Terror Ends

    Reign of Terror Ends
    After a while of the reign of terror going on people would slowly start to realize the madness of the reign of terror this would all come to a head when Robespierre would make a list of names for traitors to the French government, most of these people were people in the government so when he propose he Promptly vote to die by the guillotine, he being the last to victim to the reign of terror.