French revolution ( 1600-2013 )

  • Period: to

    Absolutism and the French revolution

  • nepoleans early career

    Napolean graduates from ecole military and is commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant of artillery. oct 30th napoleran reports to 1st posting with La fere Artillery Regiment at Valence-sur-rhone.

    1. The conflicts of 1787 to 1789 over the monarchys financial problems led to a major shift in the way France was governed.2. To adress this budget crisis , in 1787 the royal government proposed a series of major reforms concerning taxation and reducing expenditures.
  • angry mobs

    The womens march on Versailies , also known as the october march.
  • Bastille was stormed

    On Jul 14th the Bastille prison in paris was stormed by an angry mob who wanted the guns and ammunition stored there. they also released the prisoners (7).
  • The French republic

    The republic arose in 1792 after the declaration of the rights of man and the citizen in 1789; it was built by the people for the people.
  • Period: to

    France under Napoleans rule

  • Reign of terror

    French revolution , incited by conflict between rival political factions ,the Girondins and thevjacobins , and marked by mass executions of enemies of the revolution.
  • the comitee of public safety

    Protected the newly established republic against forein attacks and internal rebelion
  • french directory

    The French revolutionary government set up by the constition of the year 111 , which lasted four years ,from november 1795 to november 1799.
  • napoleans time as emperor

    Napolean was emperor from 1804-1815 .
  • Napolean as emperor

    The first Frenchman to hold the title as emperor in a thosand years .
  • napoleans life\death

    Died in the tropics of Melaria. June 13 1793 accused of being to pro french , Napleon and his family flee their household in corsica