French Revolution

  • Tennis Court Oath

    The National Assembly, formerly known as the Third Estate, found themselves locked out of the meeting room. To retaliate they broke down the doors to an indoor tennis court and vowed to stay there until they had formed a new constitution.
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    French Revolution

  • Bastille Day

    False rumors of Louis XVI planning to kill French citizens scared the people. In response to these rumors the people swarmed the King's soliders at the Bastille Prison to steal gunpowder. The citizens gained control of the Bastille Prison. The day was an important revolutionary act for France and is celebrated as a national holiday.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man

    The National Assembly wrote of revolutionary Ideas. This was called "A Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen". The ideals included ideas from the Declaration of Independence an other Enlightenment ideas. These ideas gave a lot of freedom to the people, but still secluded women.
  • Commoners Call Louis XVI to Paris

    After the storming of Bastille the Great Fear spread across France. This caused everyone to panic and become hostile. In October about 6,000 women rioted over the increasing price of bread. This esclated into an extreme hatred towards the king and queen. The people ran to Versailles, broke into the palace, and demanded that the king, queen, and children come to Paris.
  • Constitution Completed

    The National Assembly completes the new constitution and forms the Legislative Assembly. This assembly was to make laws. The king was still to enforce the laws.
  • Former King Louis XVI and Queen Beheaded

    After being demoted to a common citizen by a radical group called the Jacobins, the king was put on trial. After being put on trial he was sentenced to death and was beheaded by a guillotine.