french revolution

  • Period: to

    period of revolution

  • conquest of Bastilla

    ordinary people or folk class conquest of the Bastilla for to pick up the guns ,the nobel and king was terrify because the people were taking on more force , it was to start
  • civil constitution for french clergy

    bishop and clergy was to selected by suffrage and all member of church must promise the constitution . the church lose all of power that they had
  • execution of luis XVI

    a crowd attack a Tellerias and they propose to execute a king(luis XVI) . he was accuse of to conspire against the nation and freedom the people voted and won the jacobinos
  • establishment of repiblican´s calendar

    it was obligatory in french to 1 of january on 1806 when Napoleon abolish it . the calendar uesd to mention a variation of seasonal .
  • exejution of queen (maria antonieta )

    In this moment started to do the period of terror .
    And robespierre became to be a leader from french .
  • execution of robespierre

    the middle class had enough power for to dismiss robespierre and execute him, that didn´t improve the condition because appeared a new leader who did the same method
  • treaty of Basilea

    after the union of belgium and occupation of the Netherlands austrian ,france force the coalition monarchic for sing of peace .
  • end of revolution

    Napoleon got a lot of backng of many member of government for organise a coup d'etat and he got to be a leader of government and in this moment frenchs had a new stage.