French Revolution

  • King Louis 16th was married

    King Louis 16th was married
    King Louis got married at the age of fifteen to Maria Antonia age of fourteen .Marie-Antoinette was seen as an unwelcome foreigner. This marriage failed at making children for many years. But after all that trouble of him not wanting to, they became parents of four children after a ccouple of years. So they had became a family later on in their marriage.
  • King's death.

    King's death.
    The cause of his death was a illness he had. His remains were burried at Saint Denis Basilica. After he had died his third grandson became king. His first grandson died in 1705, and the second died in 1712. So his third had to become King after him. So, thats what happened after his death.
  • King Louis the 16th became king.

    King Louis the 16th became king.
    His father died and he got the throne. He was the third grandson. He got the thrown instead of them because they had died. When he has became King he got married to Marie Adelaide. They didnt have children for about eight year. So thats how King Louis the 16th became king.
  • National Assembly was created.

    National Assembly was created.
    They had invited other orders to join them, but made it clear that the meeting would go on with or without them. It was all about their supplies they needed. Also how they were in debt. They told them about how the existing taxes had been illegally emposed. Alot of the people were angry about the new change, Thats why the National Assembly was created.
  • Tennis Court Oath.

    Tennis Court Oath.
    This was a result of the growing of the Third Estate.It was all about the arguments of the laws. Most of the people didnt like the laws, and wanted them to change. So they all fought about it at the tennis court oath. Trying to make everyting fair. Thats where they decided to create the constitution. And thats the reason the Tennis Court Oath was made.
  • Bastille being attacked.

    Bastille being attacked.
    The people who stormed the bastille wanted to free the prisoners. the bastille held alot of prisoners. Most of its prisoners were innocent. The bastille was the worst prison in france. It was the last bastion of arbitrary tyranny. That is who helped with the attacking of the Bastille.
  • The National Assembly announced the end of feudalism in France.

    A body known as the National Assembly announced the end of feudalism in France. This stopped the Church from collecting taxes and stopped the forced labor from the peasants. This also allowed positions in Church, government, and army to be open. So that people would finally be happy with them. Thats why they ended it.
  • Creation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

    Creation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man.
    The representatives of the french people, organized in the national assembly. All the members of the social body remind them of their rights. The acts of the legislative power and those of the executive power may be compared with every political institution.Thats what happened with the Decleration of the Rights of Man.
  • Royal family trying to escape.

    Royal family trying to escape.
    King louis the 16th his wife marie antoinette and their children disguised themselves and attempted to escape France for Austria. King louis was planning on joining anti revolution royalist forces. They were almost to the austrian border when they were stopped in the town and brought back to paris. This action stunned the french people and made the support of the king less. He was now more a prisoner to the revolution than ever.
  • France and austria/prussia declared war.

    France and austria/prussia declared war.
    They declared war in the name of the french nation in defence of liberty. It began the first war of the people in the modern world. only 7 deputies voted against the war. the conflict lasted nine years and france lost 1.4 million inhabitants. There are many contributing factors to the war. They were needed to begin the war with eachother. Thats what happened during the war.
  • Reign of Terror.

    Reign of Terror.
    Caught up in civil and foreign war the revolutionary government decided to make Terror the order of the day. In paris a wave of executions followed. In the provinces representatives on mission and surveillance committees instituted local terrors. the terror had an economic side embodied in the maximum a price control measure.
  • King Louis the 16th gets killed.

    King Louis the 16th gets killed.
    He was killed on January 21st 1793. He was alive for thirty-nine years. He was beheaded, just like most of the people there. He wasnt a very good king. He refused to have kids for several years as well, that was his life.
  • The Reign of Terror court killed 20,000 to 40,000 people.

    The Reign of Terror court killed 20,000 to 40,000 people.
    It lasted from September 1793 until the fall of Robespierre in 1794. Many of the deaths were all through nine months, it didnt take them to long to kill thousands of people. No one liked the Reign of Terror, it was a horible thing. But after a while, the creator of the horible thing was killed. So, thats what the reign of terror was all about.
  • Robespierre was beheaded.

    Robespierre was beheaded.
    Everyone had a defferent opinion then him. They all didnt like him, because he thought he wad the only person who needed to be heard. He was beheaded infront of many people. He was the creator of the Reign of Terror. The people didnt like that. So thats why Robespierre was beheaded.
  • Ending of the French Revolution.

    Ending of the French Revolution.
    The Frrench Revolution was on from 1789-1799, most of the time King Louis was king. People agreed that the French Revolution changed many things. Expecially in their country. Most European governments were not to happy about the way the french acted after the war. But that was the way everything turned out, and that was the end of the French Revolution.
  • When Napoleon came to power.

    When Napoleon came to power.
    Napoleon Bonaparte became ruler of france beginning in 1799. he also conquered and ruled over much of western and central europe. He was the first ruler of the Bonaparte dynasty. Napoleon was one of the enlightened monarchs. Napoleon considered himself a foreigner and an outsider. Thats what it was like when he came to power.