French Revolution

By mpm2230
  • The Beginning

    The French Revolution starts with the meeting of the States Genrals in France
  • Bastille

    Bastille was stormed
  • Royal Removal

    Louis XVI and the Royal Family were removed from Versailles to Paris
  • The king's escape attempt

    Louis XVI's attemt to escape Paris for Valreens is unsuccsesful
  • Period: to

    The rule of the Legisative Assembly

    Legisative Assembly rules untill replaced by National Convention
  • New rulers

    The allied armies of Austria, Holland, Prussia, and Sardinia removes Legislative Assembly and replace them with the National Convention, a procliamed Republic
  • Period: to

    The king's trial

    Louis XVI was brought on trial on the December of 1792 an dexecuted on January 21, 1793.
  • Start of world domination

    The National Convention declares war on Britain, the beginnig of the plan for world domination
  • Period: to

    War for World Domination

    Since the start of Willaim and Mary's reign the War for World Domination countines for another 22 year, with short intermisions.
  • Period: to

    Reign of Terror

    During this time the ruling fraction killed all potential enemys, not caring who they were. It lasted until the fall of Robespierre on July 27, 1794, durring the last 6 weeks ( known as the "Red Terror" ) nearly 1,400 people were guillotined in Paris alone.
  • Period: to

    Change of rule again and again and agian..............

    The Convention was replaced in October of 1795 with the Directory, which was replaced in turn, in 1799, by the Consulate. Napoleon Buonaparte became Emperor in May of 1804.