French Revolution

By otoolec
  • Meeting of the Estates-General

  • Period: to

    Stage 1

    Protagonists negotiate differences-Eventually radicals win control over moderates.
  • National Assembly Formed

  • Tennis Court Oath

  • Decleration of the Rights of Man and the Citizens

  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

  • 1791 Constitution establishes a Constitutional Monarchy

  • Legislative Assembly Convenes

  • Attack on the Roayl Palace

  • Period: to

    Stage 2

    Differences escalate to violence(revolution and civil war) & radicals win control.
  • National Convention Established

  • Monarchy Abolished

  • King Executed

  • Universal Mobilization of the Nation

  • Execution of Robespierre

  • Constitituion of 1795

    Freedom of worhsip, laissez-faire economics, a two chamber legislature (Council of 500 and Council of Elders), and electors chosen by active citizens
  • Period: to

    Stage 3

    Radicals are successful and establish a government based on their values.
  • Napoleon Crushes the Paris Royalist Rebellion

  • Directory Assembles

  • Elections cause more uncertainty and instability

  • Coup d'etat allows Napoleon to rise to power

  • Period: to

    Stage 4

    Government of the radicals is not successful and the government becomes more conservative and the government becomes not too different fromt he one that was replaced by the revolution.
  • Napoleon begins to shut down and snsor newspapers

  • The Concordat brings peace between France and the Catholic Church

  • Napoelon made council for life

  • Napoleon crowns himself Emperor