French Revolution

  • In Debt

    France is in debt, King Louis XVI tries to tax the Second Estate but the nobles refuses to pay
  • meeting

    x King Louis XVI calls for the Estates General to meet the fllowing spring after a rough winter
  • 175 years

    First time the Estates General meets in approximately 175 years
  • Begins

    The French Revolution Begins
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly
    The third estate proclaims themselves the National Assembly; National Assembly swears the Tennis Court Oath
  • Bastille

    x The storming of Bastille
  • Declaration

    x National Assembly adopts the Declaration of the Rights of Man of the Citizen
  • Flee Paris

    King Louis XVI and Marie Antionette flee Paris in disguises-but are caught
  • Warning

    Austria and Prussia issue a declaration warning against harming the French monarchs and hint that any such action would provoke war
  • Mob

    x Mob storms the Tuileries Palace and throws Marie Antionette and her children in prison
  • Republic

    National Convention declares that France will be a republic and not a constitutional monarchy
  • Executed

    King Louis XVI is executed by the guillotine
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    The Reign of Terror is unleashed by the Committee of Public Safety; led by Maximilien Robespierre
  • Executed

    Robespierre and his supporters are executed; the Reign of Terror ends
  • Constitution

    x National Convention writes a more restrictive constitution; only male property owners could vote
  • ends

    The French Revolution ends
  • Control

    Napolean takes control over French government
  • Emperor

    Napolean crowns himself emperor of France after a plebiscite
  • Invades

    Napolean invades Spain and Portugal; the king of Spain goes to prison and the king of Portugal flees to Brazil
  • Russia

    Napolean attempts to invade and take over Russia, is forced to leave Moscow
  • defeated

    Napolean defeated in Leipzig
  • Surrender

    Allies enter Paris in triumph and force Napolean to surrender and is exiled to Elba
  • Louis XVIII

    France recognizes Louis XVIII, brother of executed Louis XVI. Napolean manages to come back to France, Louis XVIII flees to Belguim in fear. Napolean arrives in Paris on MArch 20 to cheering crowds, and the Hundred Days begin
  • Congress

    xCongress of Vienna meets to redraw the map of Europe
  • Dies

    x Napolean dies in exile