French Revolution

  • France In Debt

    France In Debt
    King Louis XVI France is in debt, King Louis XVI tries to tax the second estate but the nobles refuse to pay.
  • Estates General

    Estates General
    Meeting of the Estates General First time the Estates General meets in approximately 175 years
  • National Assembly And Tennis Court Oath

    National Assembly And Tennis Court Oath
    Tennis Court Oath
    Third Estate proclaims themselves the National Assembly; National Assembly swears the Tennis Court Oath
  • National Assmebly adopts their own declaration

    National Assmebly adopts their own declaration
    France's Declaration National Assembly adopts the declaration of the Rights Of Man f the Citizen
  • Revolution Begins

    Revolution Begins
    revolution French Rervolution begins.
  • Revolution Ends

    French Revolution ends
  • King Louis XVI and Queen Marie flee Paris

    King Louis XVI and Queen Marie flee Paris
    Marie Antoinette
    King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette flee Paris in disguises, but are caught
  • The Mob

    The Mob
    Mob of Parisian WomenMob storm the Tuileries Palace and throws Marie Antoinette and her children in prison
  • Fance becomes a Republic

    Fance becomes a Republic
    National Convention
    National Convention declares France a republic and not a constitutional monarchy
  • King Louis Executed

    King Louis Executed
    King is executed King Louis XVI executed by Guillotine
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    Maiximillien Robespierre
    The Reign of Terror is unleashed by the Commitee of Public Safety; led by Maximillien Robespierre
  • Reign of Terror ends

    Robespierre and his supporters are executed; The Reign of Terror ends
  • More Restictive Constitution

    National Convention writes a more restrictive constitution; only male property owners could vote
  • Rev. Ends

    Rev. Ends
    Thomas Paine French Revolution Ends
  • Napoleopn Takes Control

    Napoleopn Takes Control of the French government
  • Louisiana Territory

    Napoleon sells the Louisiana Territory in North America to the United States
  • Haiti

    Saint Dominigue (Hispanola) declares independence ftrom France, names their new nation Haiti
  • King in prison

    Napoleon invades Spain and Portugal; the king of Spain goes to prison and the king of Portugal flees to Brazil
  • Napeolean's 'Big Blunder'

    Napoleon attemps to invade and take over Russia
  • Napoleon defeated

    Napoleon defeated in Leipzig
  • Napoleon exiled

    Allies enter Paris in triumph and force Napoleon to surrender and he is exiled to Elba.
  • The Hundred Days begin

    France reconizes Louis XVIII, brother of exacutated Louis XVI. Napoleon manages to come back to France, Louis XVIII flees to Belgium in fear. Napoleon arrives in Paris on March 20th to cheering crowds, and the hundred days begin.
  • Napoleon exiled to St. Helena.

    Napoleon exiled to St. Helena in the South Atlantic.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna meets to redraw the map of Europe.
  • Napoleon dies

    Napoleon dies while in St. Helena.