french revolution

By jared25
  • reveillon riots

    the reveillon riots in pairs cuased by low wages and food shortages leed to about 25 deaths by trops
  • national assembly created

    The Third Estate (commons) declares itself to be the National Assembly
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Third Estate/National Assembly are locked out of meeting houses; the Third Estate chooses to continue thinking King Louis XVI has locked them out and decides upon a declarative vow, known as the "serment au Jeu de Paume" (The Tennis Court Oath), not to dissolve until the constitution has been established
  • attack on the bastille

    A huge mob marched to the Bastille, searching for gun powder and prisoners that had been taken by the unpopular and detested King, Louis XVI.
  • bread march

    women marched to the versaille to capture the king and queen and for bread
  • cuases of the french revolution

    france was bankrupt. they had bad leadership. they had food shortages
  • D.R.M

    Pope Pius condemns the Declaration of the Rights of Man in secret consistory
  • royal escape

    king louis 16 and his wife and children tried to escape. they were a few miles away from freedom and got stopped
  • death of king louis the 16

    he was takeing in a carige to the guillotine to be killed in public
  • reign of terror

    5 September 1793 – 28 July 1794 people were being killed if they thought they were a spy